HBK shows Orton his 'appreciation'

HBK shows Orton his 'appreciation'

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Thanks to the surprise appearance of Shawn Michaels Monday night on Raw, new WWE Champion Randy Orton may now believe in ghosts. He sure passed out like he saw one, courtesy of Sweet Chin Music.

This was supposed to be the Legend Killer's night. The WWE Championship was firmly his. He had defeated one of his greatest rivals, Triple H, in a Last Man Standing Match at No Mercy and had seen The Game decimated by Umaga earlier that night on Raw. Orton was still gloating over the fact that he had put former champion John Cena on the shelf for six months to a year.

Orton was prepared to further bask in his glory as Mr. McMahon declared that every single Superstar in the Raw locker room had to shake the new WWE Champion's hand out of appreciation. In fact, Triple H was ordered by the Chairman to be first in line. However, the Legend Killer never expected one nearly-forgotten Superstar - an old friend of The Game's - to also show up and express his "appreciation."

When The Game didn't show up, Orton tried to go after him - and then HBK's music began to blare throughout Van Andel Arena.

Orton's eyes bulged. No one, least of all Orton, expected to see HBK back in WWE. The last time that Orton and our fans had seen Michaels, he was on his back and unconscious, his wife was crying frantically over his fallen body at Judgment Day last May. Orton gave HBK a severe concussion with a vicious punt to his head.

As The Showstopper was wheeled out the arena that fateful night, doubt swirled around his career. Some believed that Michaels, who has a history of head injuries, would never be able to return to the ring. Orton, meanwhile, considered HBK another notch in his Legend Killing belt. He never failed to remind people that he ended Michaels' career and considered him a stepping stone en route to the WWE Championship. To Orton, HBK was a ghost who would never return.

But unfortunately for Orton, this ghost came back to haunt him -- and he never saw it coming. Orton tried to retreat, but there was no escaping Michaels' wrath and Sweet Chin Music straight to his jaw. (WATCH)

The Legend Killer's eyes glazed over as he stared up at the lights atop the Van Andel Arena. HBK brushed back his long sandy locks as he glared down on Orton. He flashed a grin at our fans, assuring them that the show did, indeed, go on for The Showstopper. The legend of Shawn Michaels is not dead yet, and that can only mean bad news for Randy Orton.

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