The Samoan strikes back at The Game

The Samoan strikes back at The Game

CLEVELAND -- When Mr. McMahon wants to teach a Superstar a lesson, he brings in the heavy equipment. Tonight in Cleveland, Triple H got a taste of McMahon's mental chicanery, as well as a beating from a Bulldozer.

The revenge-minded 348-pound Umaga attacked The Game just six days before their clash at No Mercy, leaving the "cerebral" Chairman cackling with glee as his former son-in-law felt the Samoan's fury.

McMahon "guaran-damn-teed" a victory over Triple H in his matchup with The Cerebral Assassin, believing his Steel Cage Match win last week on Raw was not a fluke. He then brought out Umaga to destroy three fighters in a demonstration of the superior strength and power that The Game would face in Chicago this Sunday.

Now, it looks like that dominance has been transferred in part to the former Intercontinental Champion, who let loose his rage on the man who attacked him brutally with a chair and sledgehammer weeks ago, putting him out of action.

With help from Carlito, McMahon won in the cage last week. And again, the Chairman turned to the Caribbean Bad Apple for assistance -- this time as a surprise special referee for his match against The Game. Triple H prides himself on outthinking his opponents. But the Chairman won the game of human chess last week -- and appeared on the verge of victory again Monday night with the help of vengeance-minded Carlito and Umaga.

Despite the severe disadvantage, Triple H was able to mitigate the odds against him and put McMahon on the ropes, even with Carlito calling the match in favor of the boss.

During the fight, Triple H delivered a low blow to McMahon, and then punched Carlito. The guest referee disqualified The Game, ensuring that the Chairman made good on his promise to be the victor Monday night.

As Triple H argued with Carlito, Umaga stormed to the ring and attacked his No Mercy opponent. The angry Samoan superkicked The Game into the corner, but Triple H dodged the charging behemoth. Carlito clotheslined Triple H over the top rope, which gave The Game a chance to retrieve his sledgehammer and even the odds.

Umaga stared down The Game, screaming and slapping his chest. But as Triple H approached with the sledgehammer, the Samoan Bulldozer paused and uncharacteristically backed down and rolled out of the ring.

Jim Ross called Umaga a "devastating, deadly destroyer." And that destroyer has Triple H in his sights. Will The Game be able to shake off the Samoan's barrage and beat the revenge-minded Bulldozer at No Mercy?  We'll find out this Sunday on pay-per-view, live from Chicago.

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