Fans react to John Cena's injury

Fans react to John Cena's injury

After news broke that John Cena would be out of action for six months to one year because of a torn pectoral muscle and would have to surrender the WWE Championship, our fans on hand at tonight's ECW event in Dayton, Ohio, had an immediate -- and varied -- reaction:

"It looks like there will be a new era on Raw beginning with this Sunday. I think the fallout from Cena's injury will shape WWE until The Champ recovers. As much as I feel bad… I'm also very excited at the same time." Gloria Brandon, Kinsey, Ohio

"I can't even begin to tell you how upset I am. I thought he was going to be the WWE Champion until he retired. He plowed through the biggest and baddest, then this happens… it's really unexplainable. I just wish him the best, and hope he comes back better than ever."
Mark Coppola, Dayton, Ohio

"Some people may think of it as a blow to sports-entertainment, but I look at it as a new battle for the WWE Championship. This is something that will reshape Raw as we've come to know it, and to me, that's pretty cool. Plus, when Cena recovers I'd expect him to come back more determined than ever to prove he's still The Champ." 
Troy Foster, Dayton, Ohio

"To be honest, I was never really a big Cena fan. I appreciate what he's done, but I'm more of a Randy Orton or Mr. Kennedy fan. So I'm really excited to see how this whole thing plays out this Sunday."
Jeff Pond, Boston

"Like a true Champion, Cena fought until the bitter end… the next WWE Champion will have to fill some pretty big shoes. No Mercy will be the first test for the new title holder. It will be interesting to see who steps up and who chokes -- like the Mets."
Andrea Walker, Clayton, Ohio 

"Cena's been WWE Champion for more than a year; he's solidified his spot among the top champions in WWE history. I don't want to say I'll miss him because I know he'll be back -- and if I know Cena, he'll be back before he's supposed to. He's probably one of the most determined guys ever to compete in sports-entertainment."
Aaron Snyder, Trotwood, Ohio 

"I would never want to miss No Mercy, especially now…. This situation for the vacant WWE Championship is one of a kind. The Champ's title is up for grabs. This situation is one in a million. How can I miss that? Seriously, how can I pass that up?"
Steven Balder, Dayton, Ohio 

"I want to see who the new WWE Champion is going to be, and the only way to do that is to watch No Mercy on Sunday. I also want to know how the new champ gets crowned. It's been an entire year since someone other than Cena wore the gold. He's been a great champion, but now someone new will reign on Raw. But who?"
Mark Davis, Dayton, Ohio

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