Beth Phoenix: 'Nothing and no one can stop me'

Beth Phoenix: 'Nothing and no one can stop me'

Fully equipped with no remorse and an appetite for destruction, Beth Phoenix's lifelong flight from a girl in small-town Elmira, N.Y., to WWE's resident Glamazon could explain why she's bursting with so much angst. Knowing her roots and the obstacles she's charged through could also explain why she's taken an issue with every Diva on the Raw roster -- especially Women's Champion Candice Michelle.

"All the Divas are haters," chided Beth. "My entire life I've proved that I'm able to overcome people's negativity toward me. I've always been alone, done things by myself and stood stronger than the others. I refuse to stop now, especially since I've reached my goal of getting to WWE. Nothing and no one can stop me."

For Beth — the first female on the Notre Dame High School varsity wrestling squad in her hometown — there is one story that continues to stick out, and perhaps is one that encapsulates the devastation she's capable of when provoked.

"A boy on the team, who shall remain nameless, constantly picked on me during practice," she said.

"I bided my time, and when I had the chance to wrestle him, I took every advantage I could. I bent fingers, dug my nails into his skin and rammed my elbow into various, tender, parts of him," she recalled, with a smirk on her face. "I basically beat him down in front of the whole team. I didn't make any friends from that display of hostility, but all the boys on the team learned a lesson: Respect me or it's your ass."

However, being the sole female on an all boys wrestling team taught her more than just slamming people for respect. Her experiences helped her to deal with being considered an outcast, helping her to excel when the chips seemed stacked against her. The haters' scowls and boos? They were only motivation for the Glamazon.

"The first time I won a medal at a female wrestling tournament, all of the other girls there had coaches and family members cheering them on," she remembered. "I went in alone, said nothing, wrestled three girls and beat three girls — convincingly. I stood strong, like I always do," Phoenix confidently said. "I was able to outmuscle them; I intimidated them; and I showed them the Glamazon is dominant and that given a period of time, I can and will adapt and conquer any style or setback. I'm simply too strong."

As boastful as Beth can be, she's also right. She is dominant. She is stronger than most women in the division and she's got her fiery sights locked-in on claiming her first taste of WWE gold.

"It's been a long time coming for Candice," Beth bragged. "That broad has no business wearing that gold around her toothpick waist; not as far as I'm here, anyway."

Last week on Raw in a Mixed Tag Team Match, the Glamazon took advantage of a distracted Candice and smashed her with a suplex and got the pinfall. Citing their first championship encounter at Unforgiven, where Candice "escaped" with a victory, Beth claims that lightning will not strike twice.

"My background, what I've gone through in my life, the mountains I've climbed to get here, the way I look to hurt people when I get in the ring… those aren't things that can be deflected with Candice batting her eyes or flashing a smile with too much lipstick," she said angrily.

"That kid I smashed up, the one who provoked me when I was wrestling in high school? He's still afraid of me to this day. There is a reason for that." Phoenix said, glaring at the new Cyber Sunday poster featuring Candice Michelle displayed in the background. "I'm going to show Candice that her win was nothing but an off day for me; I'm planning to add another chapter to the book of the Glamazon -- and it's a chapter outlined in Women's Championship gold."

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