McMahon family values

McMahon family values

MILWAUKEE -- Hornswoggle might not possess the height of Mr. McMahon, but he's proving every inch as resourceful.

While the Chairman has made a career and built a sports-entertainment dynasty by tearing down those who disagree with his ruthless and underhanded tactics, Hornswoggle has drawn on only his ingenuity to retaliate against his enemies.

Case in point: On Monday night, Mr. McMahon himself summoned the lusty leprechaun to the ring and told him many of the WWE Divas were dying to get to know him better after learning that he was a McMahon.

"Being a McMahon means having the power to make decisions," the Chairman told his son.

One decision the little guy had no trouble making was to get his shamrocks off when Melina joined him in the squared circle and suggested that they get better acquainted.

Unfortunately for Hornswoggle, Melina's interest was purely self-serving. The former Women's Champion and Raw Acting General Manager Jonathan Coachman had earlier reached an agreement that she would go out with Hornswoggle and callously dump him afterward in exchange for an opportunity at the title.

"I can't believe he touched me with his grimy, little paws," she told Jillian. "I don't even think 15 showers are going to get this funk off."

Melina may think twice the next time she takes a shower -- or work harder to clean off the leprechaun funk. The Cruiserweight Champion got a look at her lucky charms as she showered, sending her fleeing the locker room in only a towel. Just as she exited, he snatched the towel and left the Diva scampering away in the buff. (WATCH)

Showing equal parts creativity and cleverness, Hornswoggle next put Coachman in the crosshairs. As the Acting GM prepared to strip John Cena of the WWE Championship, Raw announcer Lilian Garcia interrupted him to announce that Mr. McMahon had ordered a Tables Match between him and The Champ.  

Despite Coachman's protest, Cena slammed him through a table using the FU. After the match, Cena grabbed the mic to thank Mr. McMahon for the opportunity… Hornswoggle McMahon that is. 

Hornswoggle looked upon the aftermath of his decision with a McMahonian glint in his eye. It was a firm reminder that while the little guy looks to be branching out, his tactics are still firmly rooted in the McMahon family tree.

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