8-Man Mayhem

WWE Champion John Cena joined forces with "The Showstopper" Shawn Michaels, the largest professional athlete in sports today Big Show and the man that will never die Matt Hardy, comprising one of the most imposing teams ever. But the team of Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, the massive Snitsky, owner of the unbreakable Master Lock Chris Masters and Mr. Money in the Bank Edge were just as formidable. With all of that talent thrown together in one ring, something had to give.

This massive match started out with both teams trying to utilize quick tags to take advantage of their opponents. Masters was able to hook in his impenetrable Master Lock on Hardy early on, but Big Show came in and changed that in a hurry as the Wichita Falls crowd went crazy. Hardy endured attacks from Edge and Snitsky, but he would not die. He was able to land the Twist of Fate on Snitsky, giving him enough time to make the tag to Shawn Michaels. Snitsky also made the tag to Angle. HBK jumped out to an early advantage but missed a top rope elbow. Angle pounced on the fallen Michaels and viciously applied the Ankle Lock. HBK refused to tap and Big Show came in to make the save. As chaos erupted in the ring, Angle was able to Angle Slam Big Show out of the ring as the giant took a hard fall to the concrete floor.

Edge, Masters and Angle continued to work on HBK's leg. HBK desperately tried to reach his corner for the tag on several occasions. Finally, he was able to make the tag to Big Show who cleaned house with a series of clotheslines and massive headbutts. Big Show went for the chokeslam on Snitsky, but it was blocked with a low blow as the referee was distracted. Edge connected on a spear and then his teammates joined him in a group beat-down of Big Show. But Big Show showed superhuman strength and shrugged them all off with ease. Big Show's teammates came to his aid and this time they cleaned house. Big Show then press slammed his own teammate, Hardy, to the outside into Masters and Snitsky. Edge snuck back into the ring and tried to take out Cena with his briefcase, but Cena avoided the shot and took him down. After hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffe, Big Show hit a thunderous chokeslam. Cena, Hardy and Michaels joined Big Show, and all four men covered Edge for the 1-2-3.

That match alone made for another fantastic edition of RAW, but the excitement and surprises didn't stop there. General Manager Eric Bischoff kicked off the show by coming to the ring with his own version of the WWE Championship belt with him, complete with Angle's name engraved on it. Bischoff brought Kurt Angle out to the ring as well, and went on to say that Cena has shown a flagrant disregard for his authority and he was about to do something about it. Just as he was about to strip Cena of the Championship and name Kurt Angle the new Champion, Mr. McMahon's music hit and the Chairman made his way to the ring.

McMahon was going to come out later in the show with some news on WWE Homecoming, which will take place in two weeks on Oct. 3 on USA, but after hearing Bischoff, he was prompted to come out earlier. Mr. McMahon claimed that Bischoff didn't have the authority to strip Cena of the Championship, so since Angle won by disqualification at Unforgiven, and the Championship cannot change hands via DQ, John Cena was still the WWE Champion. To make matters worse for Bischoff, McMahon also used his power as Chairman to make a match for WWE Homecoming. The WWE Championship will be on the line as Cena takes on none other than Bischoff!

After getting that piece of business out of the way, Mr. McMahon whipped the Wichita Falls crowd into a frenzy informing them that among the past WWE Champions that will be on hand Oct. 3 will be Mick Foley, Triple H, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Speaking of champions, one night ago, Ric Flair added the title of Intercontinental Champion to his legendary resume, which already included 16 World Championships. Flair said his new piece of hardware means just as much to him as any other championship, and he celebrated the win appropriately by partying all night long and then a little longer with four lovely ladies who were in attendance at Unforgiven. After all of that partying, though, he had to face Carlito in a rematch on RAW.

Flair showcased his amazing recovery abilities, as he was able to go toe-to-toe with Carlito once again. Even though Carlito was able to severely injure Flair's eye, causing it to swell so much that it was almost shut, Flair was able to keep coming back. Flair even managed to hit a top-rope maneuver for the second-straight night -- a maneuver that has hardly worked for him throughout his entire career. Flair was able to hook in his Figure Four Leglock as well, and with the ref's back turned, used the ropes for added leverage, causing Carlito to tap. The Dirtiest Player in the Game is still the man.

After the match, Maria interviewed Ric Flair, but he was rudely interrupted by Carlito. The two went at it again, but this time Masters attacked Flair as well and hooked in the Master Lock. After releasing the hold, Carlito spit apple bits into Flair's face adding insult to injury.

Plus, WWE Woman's Champion Trish Stratus was in singles competition on RAW for the first time since April. Accompanied to the ring by Ashley, Trish showed no ring rust in defeating Torrie Wilson, who had Victoria and Candice in her corner. After the match, however, Victoria and Candice joined Torrie in dismantling Trish and Ashley.

One half of the new World Tag Team Champions, Trevor Murdoch, took on The Hurricane in singles action as well. After hitting his head on the middle turnbuckle, The Hurricane showed the ill-effects of the stinger he suffered at Unforgiven and Murdoch capitalized with a DDT for the win. And Tyson Tomko was impressive yet again, dismantling another opponent with his devastating Yakuza kick, causing the match to be stopped.

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