Winning the war

Edge may have won a battle over John Cena on RAW, but the WWE Champion got one up on the Rated-R Superstar in Montreal.

In the main event of RAW, D-Generation X teamed with new WWE Champion Cena to take on Edge, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Unfortunately for DX and Cena, they were disqualified after HBK used a chair that Lita slid into the ring, but they didn't spend any time wallowing. After blasting Cade & Murdoch with a chair and pummeling Edge, DX and Cena broke it down together as the new WWE Champion even joined Shawn Michaels and Triple H in their signature DX Crotch Chop.

The main event match itself was made earlier in the night. After a sore and bruised Cena came to the ring to finally shut the book on the historic Edge-Cena rivalry after their TLC Match at Unforgiven, he was interrupted by the still fuming Rated R Superstar. Edge didn't like Cena announcing the end of their rivalry without consulting him.

"Your win last night [at Unforgiven] was like your entire career — a fluke. I got a rematch clause in my contract and when I use it, I'm going to reclaim the WWE Championship," he grunted. 

Cena wasn't opposed to the idea of a rematch; in fact, he offered to have one right there in Montreal. His offer caused the Canadian crowd of 15,189 to finally warm up to the new champ… but it was Edge who declined the match. After telling Cena he wouldn't have the match for the Montreal WWE fans -- a city he insisted was like the red-headed step child of Canada -- the crowd treated Edge like the turncoat he is. Like a true rogue, the Rated-R Superstar gave them the signal for Cade & Murdoch to ambush Cena from behind.

Edge informed Cena that he was using "the same sons of bitches that beat the hell out of DX." Last week on RAW, Cade & Murdoch smashed Triple H's head in a beating that was so severe it nearly left The Game unable to compete in his match with Mr. McMahon. Triple H did make it to the match, but was severely impaired from the beating he suffered.

Edge laughed at Cena for being outnumbered, but he wasn't laughing for very long as DX hurried to the ring to get revenge on Cade & Murdoch. After the melee between all six men ceased, Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman appeared. He announced that due to serious trauma that stemmed from last night's outcome in the Hell in a Cell Match between DX and the McMahons, the Chairman and Shane McMahon were spending the night in a medical facility and that he was in charge of RAW. His first order of business: make a Six-Man Tag Team Match as the main event. 

In the match, Edge, a self-proclaimed master tactician, knew that Cade & Murdoch were fresh and let them do most of the work in the ring. They didn't compete in a TLC Match like Cena and Edge or a Hell in a Cell like DX, and judging by the effort they put in for the McMahons on DX last week, they were obviously anxious to prove that the main event is a place they're comfortable competing in.

But while their performance was impressive and both Cade & Murdoch looked strong and versatile in the match, their aggressiveness wasn't enough to score a pinfall over DX or Cena. In the end, all six men ended up in the ring, and Michaels used the chair to blast Cade & Murdoch causing the disqualification. Edge was left to take on the wrath of three of the most talented Superstars in WWE, and with nowhere for the Rated-R Superstar to run, HBK smacked him in the jaw with Sweet Chin Music before Triple H drove his face into the mat with a Pedigree. (Watch the end of the main event match)

Edge made the rematch clause in his contract public, but now, for the first time in a long time, Cena has the momentum and upper hand against his biggest enemy. That leaves one question: what's Edge's next move? For so long, Cena has had to try to keep up with the Rated R Superstar and attempt to get one-up on him. Now that the roles are reversed, does Edge have a plan in mind?

Then there are the McMahons. What were they thinking as they sat in their medical facility watching DX prevail again? First Shawn Michaels and Triple H somehow emerge victorious in the Hell in a Cell Match, and then on RAW they prove to all of the Superstars in WWE that they're on top of their game.

The worst part about it for the McMahons was that they weren't even at RAW and DX was still able to get their jabs in. Throughout the night, Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman set up a place for the Superstars of RAW to wish the Chairman well while he recovered. Numerous Superstars stopped by to send Mr. McMahon their thoughts -- which weren't always kind or chipper.  But then DX showed up and reminded Mr. McMahon how they've ruined his life since they reunited in June and how they capped it off at Unforgiven by shoving the Chairman's face into the deepest, darkest orifice in all of humanity -- Big Show's rear end. By taking over the Get Well Room to rub in their Unforgiven victory, Shawn Michaels and Triple H got yet another dig into the boss; one final shot to humiliate the WWE Chairman even more.

Another match involving six Superstars was also made on RAW. After Randy Orton made his way to the ring to boast about his stitched up lip, his Unforgiven victory over Carlito and how he is the "future of the industry," he was interrupted by another victor at Unforgiven -- Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro.

With his girlfriend Melina close by his side, Nitro argued he was the future. Soon, Chris Masters came to the ring and joined the gathering of Superstars to crow about how great he was. All three pompous Superstars laid claim to being the future of the sports-entertainment industry as they took turns insulting one another. That's when Carlito came out to confront Orton about their match at Unforgiven.

Unable to restrain himself, Carlito reminded Orton that he was a sore loser. He then climbed into the ring and tried to rip out the stitches that the Legend Killer got to seal up the cut that he suffered at Unforgiven. As they battled, Masters and Nitro weren't lonely for long, as Super Crazy and Jeff Hardy stormed the ring to get a piece of the Masterpiece and the Intercontinental Champion.

Again, Coachman appeared and made a Six-Pack Challenge for the Intercontinental Championship, a match Nitro wasn't happy about. In a Six-Pack Challenge, it's every Superstar for himself, and whoever scores the first pinfall or submission walks away the new champion. So, in essence, Nitro didn't have to be pinned or made to submit to relinquish his championship. Yet somehow he won, and unlike at Unforgiven, he did it without his girlfriend's interference.

In the match, the action was so furious it was hard to keep up with. With the championship on the line and with numerous near pinfalls, the opportunistic Johnny Nitro stole the cover from Jeff Hardy after Hardy nailed Masters with a Swanton Bomb. While Lady Luck may have played a huge part in Nitro's victory, there is no denying that he's still the champion and he overcame horrendous odds at that. (Watch the Six-Pack Challenge match)

Another Unforgiven rivalry that wasn't settled was between Kane and the undefeated Umaga. The two monsters battled to a double countout at the pay-per-view, and they hooked up again on RAW to see who the biggest monster is.

At times, Kane looked surprised at how difficult it was to knock Umaga off of his feet, while Umaga seemed stunned at the amount of punishment Kane was able to absorb and still keep fighting. But after Kane landed three monstrous blows to Umaga's head with a chair, the referee saw it and disqualified the Big Red Monster. As Umaga finally fell onto his back, Kane chased a petrified Armando Alejandro Estrada out of the arena. When the Big Red Monster cornered him, he threatened to use a steel "spike of his own" to prove he had ammunition to combat Umaga's deadly Samoan Spike. But before he could use his steel spike -- and God only knows what Kane would have done with it -- the Samoan Bulldozer came to Estrada's rescue and blindsided the Big Red Monster. With his undefeated streak still intact, Umaga grabbed Estrada and the two fled the scene. As they left, Kane popped up, a devious smile plastered on his face and a look in his eye that said Umaga hasn't seen the last of Kane. 

Estrada appears to be the only person who can control the savage-like nature of Umaga. If Kane was successful in incapacitating Estrada, what would that mean for the Samoan Bulldozer? He's been on a tear since debuting in WWE, but how much more vile would he become if he were an untamed beast?

Plus, Johnny of the Spirit Squad insisted on challenging Ric Flair to a match. He also insisted the remaining four members of the Spirit Squad stay away from ringside. The "Nature Boy" isn't as young or quick as Johnny, but was experienced enough to prevail over the youthful World Tag Team Champion. Flair was able to roll him up for the win and then wisely left the ring as the other members rushed into the ring.

At Unforgiven, it took all five members of the Squad to defeat the Highlanders to retain their championship…but on RAW, in a one-on-one match, Johnny couldn't fend off the veteran Ric Flair. While Flair is known as the "Dirtiest Player in the Game," he didn't use any tricks to win. Was it simply experience that allowed Flair to prevail, or are some members of the Squad weaker links than the others?

The Divas were also in action on RAW as Candice Michelle took on former Women's Champion Lita. At Unforgiven, Lita lost to Trish Stratus in Trish's last match as a WWE Diva. Still sore over her loss to her longtime rival, the former champion used her time in the Get Well Room to implore Mr. McMahon to re-award her the gold. When Mickie James came in to give her own get well speech, the two Divas got into an altercation.

Later during the match, Mickie came to ringside as Lita prepared to deliver a Litasault to Candice. Mickie's appearance distracted the former champion, allowing Candice to sneak up behind her and deliver a powerbomb to get the three count.

With the Women's Championship officially vacated due to Trish's retirement, Candice's victory may play a huge role in determining who will be the next Women's Champion. Every Diva's goal is to wear the gold, but Mickie may have gotten just as much satisfaction out of potentially costing Lita a chance to be champion again. (Watch Candice defeat Lita)


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