Tag Team Masterpiece

One week after having the legendary Ric Flair on his Cabana, Carlito's guest this week on RAW was none other than the icon, Shawn Michaels. But that wasn't Carlito's only guest this week, as he was also joined by "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. HBK, who was scheduled to face Masters later on in the Master Lock Challenge, tried to get out of the two-on-one situation by making the first move, but Carlito and Masters were too much to overcome. But help was on the way as The Nature Boy Ric Flair made the save, running off Carlito and Masters.

Masters and Carlito retreated to General Manager Eric Bischoff's office demanding something be done about Flair and Michaels. Bischoff told Masters that the Master Lock Challenge would be put on hold for a week and instead, Masters and Carlito would team up to take on Flair and HBK later in the show.

Flair was unable to make it to the ring, however. During the show, officials found Flair bloodied and battered, lying motionless in the locker room area. With Flair needing medical attention, the tag team contest was turned into a Handicap Match as Masters and Carlito teamed up to take on Shawn Michaels.

The Showstopper used his veteran knowledge early on and stayed out of Masters' and Carlito's corner, avoiding any double teams. After HBK went shoulder-first into the steel post, though, Masters and Carlito were able to use their numbers advantage. But HBK weathered the storm and came back with a flying forearm on Carlito, followed by a top rope elbow. The Showstopper then whipped the Tampa Bay crowd into a frenzy as he started to tune up the band, but Chris Masters recovered and pulled HBK to the outside before he could connect.

After the action returned to the ring, Chris Masters went to work on HBK's back. Masters followed up a third backbreaker by bending Michaels over his knee, trying to make him submit. There was no quit in HBK, though, as he was able to fight out of the maneuver. Masters went for a back body drop, but the Showstopper turned it into a DDT. With that, a bloodied and bandaged Ric Flair made his way to the ring to even up the two sides. The Dirtiest Player in the Game cleaned house and then went for the Figure Four Leglock on Masters. With the referee's back turned, Carlito hit a low blow to make the save. Masters then recovered to lock in the Master Lock as Michaels and Carlito brawled on the outside. The 16-time World Champion put up a valiant effort, but the already battered Flair could not endure the Master Lock.

Matt Hardy and Edge continued their violent and personal rivalry earlier in the show in a RAW Street Fight. These two Superstars pulled out all the stops and used everything they could get their hands on to try to pulverize each other. From ladders, chairs, garbage cans and kendo sticks, Hardy and Edge tried everything they could to end each other's careers.

After realizing the ring could not hold them, Hardy and Edge slugged it out up the ramp with Lita following closely behind. Once at the top of the ramp, Hardy threw Edge into the stage. He then turned his attention to his ex-girlfriend, setting her up for a powerbomb. Before he could connect, Edge recovered and broke it up. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, but Edge reversed out of it. Edge then went for the spear, but Hardy sidestepped it. Hardy came back and locked in Edge for the Side Effect as they both went flying off the stage and into electrical equipment. Both Superstars laid on the floor motionless as sparks flew everywhere. Trainers and EMTs rushed to the scene and took both Superstars away in ambulances for immediate medical attention. Click here for an update on the condition on Hardy and Edge.

WWE Champion John Cena also made an appearance, one week after suffering a brutal attack at the hands of new No. 1 Contender Kurt Angle. The two will meet up at Unforgiven, but Cena didn't want to wait. He called out the Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle said that he didn't want to risk his title shot at Unforgiven so he wasn't going to confront Cena. Cena goaded him by turning his back on him, prompting Angle to run in and try to hook in the Ankle Lock. Cena was able to kick out and get the last laugh, but who will laugh last at Unforgiven?

Last week Torrie Wilson and Candice attacked RAW Diva Search winner Ashley. This week they came out and said they wanted to apologize. Ashley came to the ring and said that if they were being honest, then she accepted the apology. Torrie and Candice said that they felt so bad that they pulled some strings and got Ashley her first ever match…against Victoria. The vicious Victoria came out and leveled Ashley with the Widow's Peak for the victory.

Big Show was also in action as he disposed of Buck Quartermain and Steve Madison with a Double Chokeslam. After the match Snitsky attacked Big Show, hitting him in the head twice with the ring bell.

Tyson Tomko continued his impressive winning streak as he knocked out Rosey, one half of the World Tag Team Champions, with the Yakuza Kick. Tomko then dished out the same punishment to The Hurricane for good measure.

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