War over WWE Championship gets personal

War over WWE Championship gets personal

BOSTON -- Randy Orton has done some despicable things. From RKOing The Fabulous Moolah to ending the careers of a laundry list of Superstars and legends, WWE observers have known that the Legend Killer is cold-blooded, remorseless and capable of absolutely anything when he wants to prove a point.

But until this Monday night on Raw, no one really knew what that meant. And unfortunately for WWE Champion John Cena, the image of his father being wheeled out of the TD Banknorth Garden after a vicious running punt showed him and the world that Orton doesn't care who he has to hurt to win the WWE Championship. (WATCH)

Cena tended to his unconscious father and urged officials to help. Stunned fans in his home state and friends and relatives could only look on as The Champ shook his head. Cena had turned back Orton's challenge for the WWE Championship the night before at SummerSlam, and had spurned his demand for an immediate rematch earlier that night. He knew the Legend Killer had no conscience. For the past several months, he had watched him end the careers of Superstars he admired, such as Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Dusty Rhodes, and Sgt. Slaughter -- and brag about it. Orton wore their decimated careers like badges of honor.

But as streetwise as Cena is, he still appeared stunned when he saw Orton grab his father out of his ringside seat. The Champ had been worn down and doubleteamed by King Booker and Randy Orton following his match with the monarch. Orton was poised and appeared ready to strike Cena down with his feared punt to the skull. But then, he glared over at Cena's father, who had been cheering proudly for his son. A gleam sparked in his eyes, and he darted toward the elder Cena. (PHOTOS: Orton's attack)

Maybe we shouldn't be so surprised at Orton's actions. Before his attack, he had been seething the entire night. He was convinced that the only way Cena escaped SummerSlam with his WWE Championship was by divine intervention. The fact that John Cena was still WWE Champion drove him crazy. His face turned red, his aqua-blue eyes bulged and his molars grinded whenever he heard Cena say, "The Champ is here."

Orton thought he would get an immediate rematch, but he was denied by both Raw GM William Regal and Mr. McMahon. Perhaps Orton became especially desperate when the Chairman told him, "Right now you don't deserve another title shot. … Show me that you want another title shot."

But right now, WWE Championship defenses are the farthest thing from John Cena's mind. He is worried about his father, one of the few people who have supported him during every step of his career. Orton's attacks have become commonplace over the past year. But Monday night's assault was especially heinous because Cena's father was simply a spectator. Orton's attack went beyond professional sports and became personal, a place no foe has ever gone before with Cena.

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