Crossing the line toward SummerSlam

The Rated R Superstar’s intrusion of John Cena’s parents’ home may have earned him the upperhand on Monday, but heading into SummerSlam, the psychological warfare Edge employed may end up being the biggest mistake of his WWE Championship reign.

As reported on Monday afternoon and confirmed on RAW, WWE Champion Edge made an uninvited visit to the home of John Cena’s family in West Newbury, Mass. on Monday. This report prompted Cena to leave the site of RAW in Charlottesville, Va. to head his family’s side in Massachusetts.

Flanked by Lita, Edge invaded the house and ransacked Cena and his family’s personal belongings. The audacious, disrespectful couple was confronted by Cena’s father who told Edge that his son was going to kick the champion’s ass at SummerSlam. Mr. Cena then told the nefarious twosome to leave his home. The Rated R Superstar’s psychological warfare turned physical as Edge brutally slapped Mr. Cena to his living room floor and laughed his way out of the Cena household.

“This became personal for me a long time ago,” Edge told “John Cena thought this was just about the WWE Championship. I’ve taken it further than that, and I have made it personal.”

He continued: “Ask Cena’s dad if he can chew his food this week, his jaw was on the other side of his face earlier today. (Edge grins, then becomes serious.) I wanted to get Cena off his game. I am a tactician. I’m a chess player. I play chess inside the ring better than anyone else. That’s what I do, and that’s been my latest play. We’ll see how John plays back.”

Edge and Lita believed they had successfully lured Cena out of the John Paul Jones Arena until the former WWE Champion made an emphatic return to the RAW during Edge’s match with Carlito. During the match, John Cena – incensed like we’ve never seen before – charged to the ring and thrashed the WWE Champion until Edge could cower out of the ring, the building and Charlottesville.

“There’s a line between business and personal. You don’t cross that line, and what Edge did to my family was way, way over the line,” said a livid Cena. “For a sliver, for a millisecond, I respected Edge for being a very smart WWE Champion because not everybody kicks down the door of the saloon and wants to challenge everybody to a gunfight. I respect somebody who picks their spots, but after what happened this week…f*** him.”

Edge’s plan may have awoken a wrathful side of Cena that even the Rated R Superstar may not be able to suppress. On RAW, it took a throng of security and WWE officials to keep Cena from releasing his aggression all over Edge. There will be nothing and nobody keeping Cena from his nemesis this Sunday at SummerSlam.

“I’ll tell you, that sumbitch’s plan really backfired on the psychological warfare, because I can guarantee you my dad and my brothers are going to be front row center looking on [at SummerSlam],” Cena said. “I know that they’ll be right there. They are why I fight; they’re the reason I go to war. The WWE Championship is everybody’s prize, but the other reason that I fight is to provide my family with a better way of life.”

With his family’s integrity at stake, the WWE Championship isn’t the only thing Cena’s fighting for at SummerSlam. Just days from his confrontation with Cena, it could be that Edge has more to worry about than retaining his championship gold this Sunday.

“I’m the MVP of this show, the Rated R Superstar, an entertainment juggernaut. I’m also the highest rated champ this company has seen in the last five years. At SummerSlam, I will find a way. I’ll claw my way out of SummerSlam, if I have to, with the WWE Championship.”

Is Cena falling right into Edge’s trap? Is Cena just a pawn on chessboard of the Rated R Superstar? Or will Cena’s unrelenting wrath drive him towards a third WWE Championship reign? Will the Biggest Party of the Summer turn into the biggest, most violent event of the year?

Find out at SummerSlam this Sunday at 8/7 CT, live and only on pay-per-view.

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