Sarge Hospitalized, Undergoing CAT Scan

Sarge Hospitalized, Undergoing CAT Scan

TUCSON, Ariz. -- It was an unprecedented sight in WWE: Sgt Slaughter, his eyes closed and body motionless, being wheeled away on a stretcher after combat in the squared circle.

Randy Orton made history Monday night on Raw. No one in the WWE Hall of Famer's long, storied career had ever hospitalized Slaughter with a single blow. But Orton added Sarge to his hit list the same way he had with other legends such as Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam and last week, Dusty Rhodes -- with a brain-jarring kick to the cranium.

When Slaughter challenged Orton on Raw, he was determined to defend the honor of his longtime friends, Rhodes, and other legends. But perhaps he underestimated the sadism of the younger, hungry and utterly remorseless Orton.

Slaughter has been taken to a local medical facility to undergo a CAT scan for permanent brain damage. As attendants fixed a brace around his neck and our fans yelled their words of encouragement, Slaughter may have wondered -- if he was conscious at all -- whether Orton had destroyed his legend. Stay with for further updates on Sarge as they become available.

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