Enraged Booker taken out of his game against Lawler

Enraged Booker taken out of his game against Lawler

TUCSON, Ariz. -- King Booker's eyes bulged with rage in the Raw ring as Triple H's music played throughout the Tucson Convention Center, promoting the King of Kings' return at SummerSlam.

Booker was so upset by Triple H's promotion that it possibly threw the monarch off his game as he faced rival royal Jerry "The King" Lawler to settle the dispute over who should wear the crown.

After the dust settled, Raw's battle between King Booker and King Lawler ended in Booker's disqualification, leaving the matter unsettled as to who is truly Raw's rightful, dominant king. (WATCH

Booker hoped to take advantage of the WWE Hall of Famer's ring rust, but the powerful right hand of Lawler was the great equalizer against the younger royal. Seeing his first Raw in-ring action of 2007, the Memphis legend pounded Booker with repeated punches he'd made famous throughout his championship career.

The crowd leapt to its feet as Lawler scored what was thought to be the winning pinfall over Booker, but the King of the Ring winner was able to put a foot on the bottom rope to negate the referee's three-count.

So close to defeat, Booker turned up the aggression. He pounded Lawler in the corner with repeated punches and elbows, and refused to back off when the referee ordered. As the bell rang to signal Booker's disqualification, the furious royal wouldn't relent.

"I'm the king of the world, Jerry! I'm the king of the world," Booker screamed in Lawler's face. The two had to be separated by WWE officials.

The failure to defeat Lawler might have King Booker on edge. Locker room sources told WWE.com that Booker was cursing both Lawler and Triple H after his match.

As the return of the King of Kings nears, will King Booker increase his aggression to lay sole claim to Raw's throne? And how will the Hall of Famer Lawler respond in return?

If one thing's for certain, without a conclusive ending to this battle of Raw royalty, this battle will continue to heat up.

To read the full results of this Monday's Raw, click HERE.

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