Royals continue to build toward Monday's clash

Royals continue to build toward Monday's clash

The battle between the kingdoms of Booker and Lawler continues to build, as the duel between the royals on Raw is Monday night. caught up with King Booker as he was studying a library of videotapes with his Queen Sharmell by his side. Making mental notes about WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler's tendencies and tactics, the monarch tried to control his anger as he caught a glimpse of Lawler wearing the crown and royal robes he's displayed proudly for the past 30 years.

Alas, the King's anger boiled over, proclaiming he has had his fill of pretenders and traitors to his throne, including Lawler and the King of Kings, Triple H.

"It will be a new beginning for King Booker [on Monday] … I will prove to the world that Jerry Lawler is no more than a fake. He's a fraud and a phony," proclaimed the King.

When told of the arrogant royal's outburst, Lawler just shook his head. He's already shown his disgust for this ugly dispute, frequently explaining to Booker there's plenty of room for two kings in the vast kingdom in WWE.

"I thought a couple of weeks ago we were going to have a chance to peacefully co-exist … No one's had any problem with me being 'The King' for the past 30 years," Lawler explained.

He went on to explain that the King of the Ring tournament winner has the right to call himself "king" for a period of time, and he has no problem with that winning temporarily infringing on his royal trademark. They've earned it.

But King Booker's demand that all ring royalty renounce their throne is just ludicrous to the Memphis hero. The fact that Triple H's video announcements of The Game's return at SummerSlam also makes Lawler wonder about Booker's state of mind.

"I'm surprised his crown will fit on his head, it's swelled so much," Lawler joked. "If he wants to make this match about whom the only king in WWE is, that's OK with me. I'm not worried about that. To me, this is just another match where I prove to my opponent why I'm called ‘The King.'"

Booker warned the treasonous Lawler had better worry about his personal well-being. It's been nearly nine months since Lawler has been in action inside the WWE ring. The arrogant royal looks to use the WWE Hall of Famer's inactivity to his advantage, and end the Lawler's legend once and for all.

"On Monday Night Raw, I will prove that I am the greatest champion, the King of all Kings, and I will lay Jerry Lawler down to rest," King Booker proclaimed.

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