Coach takes delight in Cena-Orton matchup

Coach takes delight in Cena-Orton matchup

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Jonathan Coachman couldn't hide the pleasure he took in seeing Randy Orton -- his handpicked new No. 1 contender to John Cena's WWE Championship -- RKO The Champ at the end of Raw.

He smiled as he realized he had set up a main event at SummerSlam between one of the greatest WWE Champions in years and one of sports-entertainment's most dangerous Superstars. And Orton's RKO on Cena already had our fans buzzing about the matchup.

Cena-Orton alone was worth the price of admission at SummerSlam. No one could take credit for it except Raw's Acting GM -- and Coachman knew it.

"I thought that after what I saw at The Great American Bash, after what I saw tonight, that Randy Orton provided the excitement, the energy, and the hunger I like to see in a No. 1 contender," Coachman said. "Who wanted it most? Who wanted to face John Cena? More importantly, who could get the job done at SummerSlam? Throw all these things in a bowl and I pulled out Randy Orton's name."

But what did Coachman mean by "get the job done"? Did he mean provide an exciting match? End Cena's 11-month championship reign? Or take Cena out of the equation altogether? Randy Orton is definitely capable of all of the above.

The youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history has always been known for destroying legends, but he has stunned our fans in recent months with his cold, calculated sadism. He has literally been a headhunter, putting Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam out indefinitely with stiff kicks to their craniums. His victory over the legendary Dusty Rhodes in the "American Dream's" specialty, a Texas Bull Rope Match, at The Great American Bash -- along with a brutal assault on Raw that has put the WWE Hall of Famer out indefinitely -- convinced Coachman that he deserved the next title opportunity against Cena.

And Coach is also aware that Orton has pleaded for a one-on-one match with Cena for months. The third-generation Superstar has faced The Champ in championship matches where other competitors were involved, most notably at Backlash and Vengeance: Night of Champions. But he and Cena have not battled mano-a-mano -- and Coachman believes Orton is willing to do anything to be a world champion again.

"Look at Randy Orton's eyes," Coachman said. "Right now, he has more focus than anybody on the Raw roster."

In addition, Orton has had a history of success at SummerSlam. He won his first and only World Heavyweight Championship there in 2004 and defeated Undertaker in 2005. That, along with Orton's sheer ruthlessness, Coachman said, will push Cena to the limit and keep our fans on the edge of their seats.

"If I were John Cena, I'd be very worried," Coachman said, once again rewinding the Raw video. "But first and foremost, this is the kind of marquee matchup that our fans will enjoy."

And, no doubt, so will Raw's Acting GM.

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