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Carlito facing fight of his life against Lashley

Carlito facing fight of his life against Lashley

As the old saying goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Now, there's a new addendum, "…as long as you don't spit the apple at Bobby Lashley."

That wayward, accidental spit of apple chunks enraged Lashley to chase down Carlito on Raw and deliver a bruising Dominator, despite the Caribbean Superstar's insistent apologies.

Fans and Raw Superstars alike thought Carlito would have taken his lumps from the former Army sergeant and chalked it up as a bad day -- being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But the beating from Lashley seemed to flip a switch in the usually cool islander. Afterward in the locker room, Carlito fumed to WWE.com, demanding that Bobby Lashley would have to accept the "consequences" of not accepting Carlito's public apology.

"Consequences … are not cool," Carlito warned. Watch the video…

The Raw locker room was stunned at the remarks. Threatening one of the most athletic, aggressive Superstars in WWE is a sure ticket to pain.

But don't count-out Carlito, who is a former United States and Intercontinental Champion. A resourceful, second-generation Superstar that's grown up around the ring all his life, Carlito told WWE.com he knows various ways to combat that size advantage. 

In fact, he believes he's the one with the advantage if a showdown with Bobby Lashley should take place.

"I think it's lopsided the other way around," Carlito explained. "I think Carlito has the full advantage here. Yes, [Lashley]'s big. He's athletic. He's intense. But Carlito has all the skills and all the knowledge, especially in the wrestling business."

Carlito grew up watching his father, Carlos Colón, grapple in arenas in the Northeast United States and Puerto Rico in the 1970s and ‘80s. He saw his dad face much larger opponents, such as Abdullah the Butcher, Bruiser Brody, and Stan Hansen, and frequently outfox the bigger foe.

Carlito feels it's his turn now to do the same, and turn the tables on the stronger, larger Dominator for not accepting his honest apology. It could be the fight of the Puerto Rican Superstar's career -- perhaps his life.

"[Lashley] thinks he took me out, but he hasn't. Carlito is still standing," he declared. "A guy took my kindness for weakness. I gave him a break, I felt sorry for him. I wanted to be the bigger man and apologize. And of course, he had to sneak up on Carlito, and attack him from behind," Carlito said. 

"People should not feel sorry for Carlito, or be worried about Carlito. They should feel sorry for Bobby Lashley, and be worried for him."

With the cocky Caribbean carrying this chip on his shoulder, who knows what the crafty Carlito is capable of. He could even be the giant killer in this David and Goliath-like scenario, and be the one to end Lashley's streak of domination.

"I don't care how big a guy is or how strong a guy is. I have vast knowledge … I have many skills. I'm very athletic," he said. "And I can definitely take on Bobby Lashley. Or even a guy twice his size."

Soon, Carlito, said, our fans, and especially Lashley, may be surprised by precisely what he is capable of.

"Carlito is capable of many things. Bobby Lashley is going to find that out very soon."

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