Civil unrest

Civil unrest

UNCASVILLE, Conn. -- One night after The Great American Bash, Monday Night Raw was still embroiled in the disorder that has defined the show since Mr. McMahon was sidelined by injury. As rumors swirled about that Shane and Stephanie McMahon were currently in the process of searching for a new Raw General Manager, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk defended his title against Batista in a match that saw involvement from Kane, JBL and John Cena. The anarchy escalated to the point that Cena and Batista, two Superstars who normally respect one another, found themselves trading blows at the end of Monday's Raw.

Big Red Monster Mash

Before the World Heavyweight Title Match could even begin, Kane emerged and attacked Batista, leading CM Punk to enter the fray and attack the Big Red Monster. After Kane was escorted out of the arena, the match began, but was quickly ended due to interference from JBL, who was bitter that Batista was receiving his second World Title Match in as many nights. As The Animal battered the self-made millionaire, JBL's Great American Bash opponent, John Cena, rushed to the ring. Though the Chain Gang Commander only intended to get further payback on Layfield, he accidentally leveled Batista, leading to a brawl between the two athletes. In spite of the presence of four legitimate contenders during the night's main event, CM Punk held onto his championship gold for another night. (WATCH)

Six-Man Rematch

JBL and Cena's rivalry carried over into an official match as well: A rematch from last week's Raw between the team of John Cena & Cryme Tyme and JBL & World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. Though ailing from his NYC Parking Lot Brawl with Layfield at The Bash the night before, Cena fearlessly pursued his pay-per-view opponent. But when the self-proclaimed "wrestling god" escaped from ringside, the Chain Gang Commander turned his rage against the World Tag Team Champions by performing a double FU on the two and pinning Ted DiBiase for the win.

It was an especially rough night for Cody Rhodes, as earlier in the program he suffered a slap from Jerry "The King" Lawler in retaliation for the disrespect the World Tag Team Champions showed toward Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

True Lies

Though Chris Jericho decimated Shawn Michaels in their match at The Great American Bash, it was Y2J's protégé, Lance Cade, who experienced a win on Raw when he faced Paul London. After the match, Jericho entered the ring to show the WWE Universe footage from the night before when he further injured Michaels' right eye. (WATCH)

Jericho claimed that HBK was suffering a cracked rib and detached retina with the damage so severe, he was unable to see out of the eye at all, effectively ending Michaels' career. Perhaps most detestable, Y2J stated that he always speaks the truth as opposed to The Showstopper, who he characterized as the "most corrupt, immoral and destructive individual in WWE history." (WATCH)

Tainted Love

As the WWE crowd came to terms with the exit of Shawn Michaels, they were comforted by the return of D-Lo Brown, who defeated Santino Marella. Watching the match at ringside was Beth Phoenix, who had defeated Marella in a rare intergender battle the week before. After Brown exited the ring victorious, The Glamazon entered for a confrontation with the Italian Superstar. The two struggled, then stopped suddenly and began kissing passionately only to pull away a moment later, confused and seemingly a little frightened.

While it's still unclear whether Beth and Santino have won one another's affections, there was no confusion about the winner of The Glamazon's match with Kelly Kelly. Beth showed that she is a formidable competitor no matter the gender of her opponent, utilizing her characteristic strength and ferocity to pin the other Diva as easily as she defeated Santino the week before.

Burchill Brutality

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston and WWE Women's Champion Mickie James have some serious competition for their titles in the form of the brother and sister team of Paul and Katie Lea Burchill. On Raw, the four faced off in an Intergender Tag Match. Though Kofi had defeated Burchill the week before with the help of Mickie James, this week saw the Burchills triumphant over the two champions as Paul pinned the Jamaican Superstar.

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