The road begins tonight

The road begins tonight

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - Tonight marks the next milestone for the Rhodes family as Cody Rhodes -- the youngest son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty -- makes his in-ring debut on Monday Night Raw against Randy Orton.

The emotional and momentous evening at the cusp of his son's career is one that "The American Dream" has eagerly awaited -- possibly even more so than his Texas Bull Rope confrontation with Orton in a handful of days at The Great American Bash. As his flesh and blood prepared for his inaugural match on Raw, Dusty tendered well-received guidance -- both paternal and professional -- to the newest WWE Superstar.

"Cody has trained his whole life for this moment and moments like this," described the proud and anxious Hall of Famer. "The only thing that I tell him is to take these moments and cherish them and go out and do the best he can. [Tonight's] a great moment, a great opportunity."

Isolated in the locker room area, an attentive Cody was focused on each word uttered by his father, a multiple time former World Champion. As "The American Dream" spoke candidly and passionately, he gestured towards the left side of his chest as if to convey to his son that success lies in heart.

"I'm an emotional man when family's involved," Dusty said, just moments after an intimate discussion with his son. "I'm always emotional when my children are involved, but it's a good emotion. No matter what, [Cody] will make his mark in this industry. He has his stuff together better than any other rookie I've seen come into our camp."

The WWE Legend expressed that he himself will deal with Orton this Sunday, but tonight will belong to his son as he starts at the top of WWE against an individual at the top of his game: the Legend Killer.

"As a dad, I'm not too nervous," added the Dream. "I've told Cody to go out and have a good time…and kick Randy's ass."

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