Arena Report - Tyson Events Center

Tonight RAW will be rolling into Sioux City, Iowa at the Tyson Events Center. The 10,000 seat arena opened its doors in December 2003 and has been entertaining fans of a wide variety.

WWE is certainly no stranger to Siouz City. Ten years ago at RAW, fans rose to their feet as they watched the Ultimate Warrior attack Isaac Yankem with a powerful flying shoulder block and a finishing splash that ended in a three count victory for the Warrior.

Just shy of a decade later, RAW returned to Sioux City in 2004 when Randy Orton teamed up with Chris Benoit to defeat World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and Batista. Orton prevailed by avoiding the lethal Batista Bomb and used the advantage to hit the RKO for the pin.

The SmackDown Superstars made their first appearance at the Tyson Events Center when the fans were treated to a brutal I Quit Match between Scotty 2 Hotty and JBL where JBL choked Scotty with a leather belt and gouged his eye until Scotty screamed "I QUIT" into the microphone. Later that night, during the main event “Handicap Match” between The Bashams and John Cena, JBL came out to ringside to taunt the Champ by screaming “Quit Cena! Say I quit.” repeatedly into the microphone. As usual, the Champ prevailed much to the dismay of JBL.

From the United States Hockey League’s Musketeers; to performances by country pop stars Alan Jackson, Martina McBride and Kenny Chesney; to top-charting Billboard artists like Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and Cher, the Tyson Events Center is no stranger to big-name acts.

Situated on the Missouri river between the Nebraska and South Dakota borders, Sioux City is a regional hub for a little more than 140,000 people living and working in the surrounding areas. But, don’t let this small-town stereotype fool you; these heartland fans only bring their big time attitudes when WWE rolls into town.

While this night is sure to be memorable for the RAW Superstars, the citizens of Sioux City are no strangers to notable historic events. In 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition passed though Sioux City and left their mark when they buried Sergeant Charles Floyd Jr., their only fatality on the journey, near the edge of the Missouri river. Today a 100-foot-tall obelisk marks the memory of Sergeant Floyd and also claims the title as the nation’s first registered National Historic Landmark.

With the return of DX re-creating past historic antics, the animated energy of the Sioux City fans, and the first ever RAW at the Tyson Events Center, one can only wonder what this crazy combination has in store for the history books tonight at RAW.

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