Diva Search begins

The 2006 $250,000 Diva Search Contest is underway, and all eight finalists took the stage on RAW from Sioux City, Iowa to show the WWE fans why they deserved a place next to the sexiest women on television.  Each finalist had 20 seconds to introduce themselves to those in attendance at the Tyson Events Center and to the millions watching live on the USA network.

While the contestants must have had rattled nerves from the intense pressures of having to perform and win over the packed arena (and the tens of thousands of voters), all eight finalists kept their cool when it was their time to shine. However, the power generated by all eight hotties on one stage did cause someone to become flustered, as The Miz—the host of SmackDown and the Diva Search—was so taken by their presence, he lost his concentration.

Then, it was the finalist's turn to explain why they were chosen:

Amy Zidian, the blond bombshell from the Sunshine State, said she was the contestant with the energy, and that her dedication and strength would make her the perfect WWE Diva.

Erica Chevillar, the hottest World History teacher on the planet, kept it short and sweet, informing the crowd the sexy girl next door was there to work for them.

Jen England, the lovely Lansing, Mich. native, told the crowd she was there to kick some ass, show a little ass, and to be a sex kitten for WWE fans. But careful, guys, she warned that she bites.

J.T. Tinney, the MILF of the group from Arizona, made her intentions clear, letting fans know she's not afraid to get down and dirty.

Layla El, the Miami Heat cheerleader, said she's got the body, the mind and the soul to bring some new flavor to the Divas.

Maryse Ouellet, the ravishing blond hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, told voters she's more than just good looks, and that her intention is to become the next "air flying" Diva.

Milena Roucka, the beauty from British Columbia, asked for the fans assistance in helping her live out her dream of making into WWE.

Lastly, Rebecca DiPietro, the Providence, R.I. stunner, showed she's not afraid to show her personality by watering down the other contestants with a squirt bottle, claiming she entered the contest to entertain the fans and to add a little spice to the Divas. 

The Diva hopefuls may have gotten a taste of the WWE stage tonight, but they still have a turbulent journey ahead to prove their worthy of inheriting the 2006 Diva Search crown. Cast your vote for the person you think should move on in the 2006 Diva Search by heading to WWE.com for the correct numbers to send your texts. Each week a prize of $2,500 will be awarded for one lucky person who participates in the voting process, and those who submit a vote via text message are automatically entered into the sweepstakes (including the $25,000 grand prize). For more information, rules and other ways to enter the Diva Search sweepstakes, click here.

On Friday Night SmackDown the eight finalists will face their first major test—the Diva Boot Camp, where the winner will be immune from being voted off. Which contestants will make it through phase-one and survive another week for a chance to become the 2006 Diva Search Contest winner? See who folds, and who will get one step closer to the one-year WWE contract, and the grand prize of $250,000. There's only one place to find them, and WWE's got them. Watch SmackDown, 8/7 CT on UPN for the Diva Search results. 

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