Edge reclaims WWE Championship

On RAW, in a Triple Threat Match involving Edge, Rob Van Dam and John Cena, Edge was able to bring the WWE Championship back to WWE for the first time since ECW's RVD won it in June at ECW One Night Stand.

In the Triple Threat Match, Cena hit RVD with the FU, knocking him down for the count. Just as Cena went for the pin, Edge nailed Cena with the Championship belt and covered Van Dam for the three count. 

Edge wasn't supposed to have the opportunity to compete for the Championship until Saturday Night's Main Event on July 15, but his fortunes changed when RVD made the announcement to the ECW-friendly Philadelphia crowd that he was a fighting champion, and was willing to prove it. While RVD kept his word, he lost his claim to WWE gold.

WWE.com caught up with Edge to get his thoughts on his victory, and to find out how his second Championship reign will differ from his first. 

"I'm like Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, and Ivan Drago all rolled into one, and now I'm a two-time—repeat that—two-time WWE Champion," said Edge. "I'm the man that everyone in this industry wants to be."

After having had such a short reign during his first tenure as Champion, Edge claims he's now wiser from the errors he made in the past.

"Last time I had this Championship it smartened me up. That's what great athletes do when they make mistakes, they don't make them again—and I won't," he said. "Like I said, this summer belongs to the Rated R Superstar. Hell, this decade belongs to the Rated R Superstar."

Citing his ability to adjust in any situation as the reason he reclaimed the Championship, Edge believes he belongs on the same pedestal as other WWE greats now that he's a two-time defending Champion.

"I've always said that I'm able to adapt more than anyone in this business, and I'll say it till I'm blue in the face," he said. "You put me in an Iron Man Match against Chris Benoit and I'll go toe to toe with Chris Benoit. You put me in a Hardcore Match with the hardcore legend, Mick Foley and I'll go toe to toe. You say I'm going to have a Triple Threat Tag Team Match and then you throw a curve ball at me and say I will be in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE championship and I thrive; I survive."

Regardless of how he won, there's no denying that the Championship has come back to RAW, and if any Superstar wants it they'll have to go through Edge to win it.

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