DX responds to Mr. McMahons ban

Ever since D-Generation X literally put WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, his son Shane and the entire Spirit Squad down in the dumps, everyone knew that there would be hell to pay for Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Well, Mr. McMahon didn't want to wait until Monday night to reveal what he had up his sleeve. The Chairman has made a preemptive strike and has banned D-Generation X from RAW at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia Monday night.

D-Generation X has always been known for their sophomoric trickery, and their parodies over the years have been second to none. No one will ever forget when DX did their best Nation and Corporation impersonations, but it is highly unlikely that last week's Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon impersonations will ever be topped.

DX capped the assault by telling Mr. McMahon, Shane and the entire Spirit Squad to look to the heavens. When they did, they were greeted with heaping mounds of rank…well…crap. It was a surreal scene as the McMahons and the Spirit Squad flopped around like fish out of water in the giant pool of waste. The short term result was the undeniable stench of excrement, but the long term effect was in the embarrassment that will be remembered forever.

In order to prevent a reoccurence of last Monday's events, Mr. McMahon felt that he had no choice but to ban DX from the Wachovia Center. Late Saturday night, WWE.com contacted D-Generation X to get a comment regarding their ban from Monday Night RAW.

HBK had a unique response to Mr. McMahons ruling. "Tremendous, it means a day off."

Triple H had slightly more to say. "I know Mr. McMahon is angry because last Monday, he looked like an ass, and that's why he banned us. What he doesn't realize is that he doesn't need us to make him look like an ass, he can do that on his own. If he thinks this is going to keep DX away, or keep DX from doing what we do, he should know better than that by now."

The Game also offered to comment on a press conference called by Mr. McMahons Executive Assistant, Jonathan Coachman, earlier this week. At the conference, which was attended by scores of media outlets, a reporter asked Coachman, "Do you have any doubt that D-Generation X will be controlled?" Coachman responded with confidence. "Mr. McMahon always gets what he wants. DX is priority one right now, so rest assured, Triple H and HBK will be stopped." 

Triple H wished the reporter had asked a different question. "I think the question should've been, what the hell is all over Coachman's ass? Were they pimples? Were they warts? I don't know what they were but he needs to get some kind of exam or dermatology appointment to get that checked out." 

Whether or not DX will adhere to Mr. McMahons ruling is anyone's guess. The only way to find out is to tune in live at 9/8 CT to Monday Night RAW, only on USA.

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