Enter Sandman, exit cool?

Enter Sandman, exit cool?

Sandman has only been on Raw for a few weeks, but already the former ECW mainstay has made a "friend" in Carlito. It all started in his first appearance on Raw, and has gotten more intense as the weeks have evolved.

Three weeks ago, Carlito stood in the ring, claiming that he deserved a chance to be Intercontinental Champion and no one could tell him different. Enter Sandman, who had just been brought to Raw in the Supplemental Draft 24 hours earlier. After coming through the crowd and chugging a brew, as is his custom, the ECW Original's first official Raw act was to chase Carlito from the ring with his trusty Singapore cane.

To the former ECW World Champion, the reasoning behind that appearance was simple.

"He was being disrespectful and calling out the whole locker room," Sandman bellowed, "so I answered his invitation."

But is it really that simple? Sandman has had a long and storied sports-entertainment career, most of which has been spent in ECW, where he won four ECW World Titles. Now that he's on Raw, is his pursuit of a former Intercontinental and United States Champion like Carlito more about proving his mettle than anything else?

"Hey, I'm new to this brand and all, so why NOT start out with a guy like Carlito?" Sandman questioned. "The guy's beaten 16-time World Champion Ric Flair, and he's made a name for himself. But I've been in this business for 18 years myself. I've fought the best of ‘em too. I look at Carlito as just another notch on my belt."

Monday night, things got heated when Carlito spit apple in Sandman's face prior to their match. Of course, Sandman is never one to back down, so he took a swig of his beer and sent that misting back into the cool Caribbean Superstar's mug.

"Hey look," he said about that incident, "Sandman don't take <expletive> from nobody!"

Later, during their match, Sandman's first on Raw, the ECW Original was disqualified for using the cane once again. While his trademark accessory isn't legal outside the realm of Extreme Rules, the beer-swilling Superstar already has shown that he isn't afraid to use it when he feels he needs to.

"I'm going to show Carlito who spits in the face of cool," he bellowed. "You call him a punk, but I call him a thug. And you know what happens to thugs…"

With that, Sandman smashed his Singapore cane against the wall, and the loud "THWACK" sound was enough to make anyone who heard it believe that Sandman means business on Raw.

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