The Animal's kingdom

The Animal's kingdom

SAN JOSE - One week after purchasing Monday Night Raw back from Donald Trump, Mr. McMahon had two shocking announcements for the WWE Universe. First, The WWE Chairman announced that he would be shaking things up by way of a 15-Superstar trade originally set into motion by former Raw owner Donald Trump, that would see five new ring warriors brought to the Raw roster. Even more shocking, McMahon revealed that the show would henceforth have a series of "special guest hosts," starting that very night with The Animal, Batista.

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WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger (count-out); Mark Henry def. Orton (3-on-1 Gauntlet Match) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
WWE Champion Randy Orton took to the ring for Raw's main event outnumbered and unaware of whom he would face in his 3-on-1 Gauntlet Match. The Viper knew that his opponents would all be new to Raw, but they also turned out to all be from ECW. Orton's first opponent was the high-flying Evan Bourne. Fighting through injuries sustained at The Bash, The Legend Killer managed to ground "Air" Bourne with a RKO from the top rope and follow it up with a pin.

Orton's next opponent was Jack Swagger. Though the WWE Universe expected "The All-American American" to give The Viper a run for his money, Swagger exited the ring, allowing The Legend Killer to pick up a win by count-out. Following the match, the former ECW Champion announced that he has always respected The Legend Killer and hoping to make an impression his first night on Raw, shook Orton's hand.

The Viper's final challenge was another former ECW Champion: Mark Henry. The World's Strongest Man also proclaimed that he had always respected Orton, and exited the ring after a short struggle with The Viper. Unlike Swagger though, Henry re-entered the ring before being counted out, and defeated the WWE Champion by taking advantage of Orton's post Three Stages of Hell Match injuries to pin Orton. 

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show ended in a double count-out (PHOTOS)
Though Kofi Kingston's United States Championship wasn't hanging in the balance during his match with Big Show, if The World's Largest Athlete were to win, he would earn a future title opportunity. The Jamaican Craze may have bought himself a brief reprieve, however, as there was no clear winner declared due to both ring warriors being counted out.

Mickie James def. Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes to become No. 1 contender for the Divas Championship (STORY | PHOTOS | WATCH)
Divas Champion Maryse looked on from the commentary table as four of WWE's sexy, smart and powerful Divas competed for the opportunity to challenge for the Divas Title at Night of Champions. To the French Canadian champion's dismay, fan-favorite Mickie picked up the win by pinning Rosa Mendes, finally earning the chance to face Maryse one-on-one.

Next week's Raw "special guest host" to be The Million Dollar Man
As Cody Rhodes attempted to encourage WWE Champion Randy Orton going into his 3-on-1 Gauntlet Match, Ted DiBiase's spoke on his cell phone. The third-generation Superstar got off the phone all smiles, as he revealed that the next "special guest host" would be his father, The Million Dollar Man.

John Cena def. The Miz to advance in the Night of Champions Tournament (PHOTOS | WATCH)
One day after being handed a crushing defeat at The Bash, The Miz had an opportunity to not only get back at John Cena, but push himself one step closer to the WWE Title. Despite an impressive showing from the self-proclaimed "chick magnet," Miz must have ended up feeling déjà vu, however, as the 12 Rounds star racked up another victory, earning the right to face Triple H for the WWE Title No. 1 contendership on the next Raw.

Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Edge & Chris Jericho def. Carlito & Primo (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Carlito & Primo wasted no time in invoking their rematch clause, challenging for the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles just one day after losing them to Edge & Chris Jericho at The Bash. Appearing on Raw to defend the WWE-wide titles, the egotistical SmackDown duo showed why they deserve to hold their prestigious tag team gold by defeating the brothers from San Juan.

Triple H def. MVP to advance in the Night of Champions Tournament (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Raw's first match with Batista as "special guest host" saw The Game, still suffering from his Three Stages of Hell Match against Randy Orton the night before at The Bash, take on the dynamic MVP. In spite of The Ballin' Superstar's momentum in recent weeks and The Game's injuries, Triple H rose to the challenge, defeating MVP to move ahead in the Night of Champions Tournament.

Mr. McMahon announced a 15-Superstar trade for all three WWE brands and revealed the first Raw "special guest host" to be Batista; The Animal put WWE Champion Randy Orton in a 3-on-1 Gauntlet Match and set up a Night of Champions Tournament to determine the No. 1 contender for the WWE Title
Only a week after buying Monday Night Raw back from Donald Trump, Mr. McMahon appeared on the show to reveal that several of The Donald's ideas were actually swiped from The WWE Chairman. In an effort to honor what were originally good ideas, McMahon decided to go along with two of them.

The first is a blockbuster 15-Superstar trade held between all three WWE brands that will see Raw invigorated with substantial new blood. The Chairman's second new idea will see Raw's General Manager position eradicated in favor of a series of "special guest hosts." McMahon then shocked the WWE Universe by introducing the first guest host: Batista.

Before the injured Animal could fully greet the WWE Universe, he was interrupted by WWE Champion Randy Orton and his Legacy, who threatened to attack Batista again and injure his other arm. But Batista wielded the power of a Raw General Manager over the multi-generational Superstars, threatening them with termination if they crossed him, and placing The Viper in a 3-on-1 Gauntlet Match against three of Raw's five new Superstars. Directly afterward, The Animal announced a Night of Champions Tournament for the right to face Orton at the upcoming pay-per-view. The first round of which would take place on Raw, with Triple H facing MVP and John Cena squaring off against The Miz.

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