Triathlon of terror

Triathlon of terror

GREEN BAY, Wisc. - After his Last Man Standing Match against Triple H ended in a draw, WWE Champion Randy Orton may have breathed a sigh of relief. That is, until Mr. McMahon knocked the wind out of him. Having bought back Raw from Donald Trump just moments earlier, The Chairman informed The Viper that he must face The Game this Sunday at The Bash in a Three Stages of Hell Match,which includes a regular match, a Falls Count Anywhere Match and, if necessary, a Stretcher Match. As Orton wheeled his luggage to the arena parking garage after the show, Triple H attacked him, pummeling him to the ground, slamming the trunk of a car against his back and offering him a not-so-subtle warning. "This isn't over," The Game growled at his longtime foe. "You're going to Hell."

Big Show def. John Cena after interference by The Miz; Cena vs. Miz at The Bash! (PHOTOS | WATCH)
For weeks, Big Show has been attacking John Cena. Two weeks ago, he disrupted Cena before he was able to battle The Miz, nearly snapping Cena's back with a devastating Cobra Clutch Backbreaker. Just when it seemed Cena would have his revenge, however, it was The Miz's turn to interrupt. Cena's smack-talking tormentor cost him the win over Big Show, but it may be Cena who gets the last laugh. The former WWE Champion will face the self-proclaimed "future world champion" this Sunday when the two meet in a match at The Bash.

Mickie James & The Bella Twins defeat Divas Champion Maryse, Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes; Mickie pinned Maryse (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Smart, sexy and powerful. The match pitting Mickie James & The Bella Twins against Divas Champion Maryse, Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes showcased all of that and then some. And while each of these beautiful Divas had something to prove, it was rivals Mickie James and Maryse whose dislike swirled around the ring. When the fairy dust finally settled, Mickie emerged victorious over Mendes.

Mr. McMahon buys back Raw, fires Donald Trump; Mr. McMahon arranges a Three Stages of Hell Match for WWE Champion Randy Orton and Triple H (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Mr. McMahon couldn't take it any longer. After his limo broke down and he found out that his office had been relocated to the men's bathroom, the Chairman finally made his opinion loud and clear. Though the WWE Universe seemed excited by Donald Trump's generosity, airing Raw commercial-free and refunding the cost of tickets to the show, The Chairman bristled as he watched potential revenue spiral down the drain. So frustrated was Mr. McMahon that he offered to buy back Raw -- at twice the price! Never one to turn down a good deal, Trump accepted. Convinced that Trump had played him all along, Mr. McMahon told his moneyed menace something he'd been wanting to tell him for years: You're Fired!

Not one to be upstaged, the prideful Trump slapped the Chairman across the face and left him staggered in the ring. The humiliation did not sit well with Mr. McMahon, who immediately raced to find WWE Champion Randy Orton. Irate, the Chairman informed Orton that he must defend his title against Triple H Sunday at The Bash in a match not seen in WWE in nearly seven years: A Three Stages of Hell Match, featuring a straight-forward match, a Falls Count Anywhere Match and, if necessary, a Stretcher Match.

WWE Champion Randy Orton battles Triple H to a draw in a Last Man Standing Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The animosity was palpable when Triple H confronted WWE Champion Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match just six days before the two face off at The Bash. So thick hung the mutual disdain that neither man was willing to give an inch against his nemesis. In fact, when the referee counted to 10, both Orton and Triple H were so damaged that neither was able to answer the count, resulting in a draw and Orton retaining the title. After the match was called, however, The Game, despite an injured knee, was still hungry to punish Orton and took a final shot at him before referees pulled him away.

Cody Rhodes def. Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Primo (PHOTOS)
In the run up to their confrontation at The Bash, Cody Rhodes battled Primo, one half of the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions, and came away from the match with the win and a heavy dose of momentum. While Rhodes' Legacy cohort Ted DiBiase and Primo's older brother Carlos watched intently, Cody managed to narrowly escape with a victory over the athletic Islander after getting away with pulling his tights. When the two tag teams vie for the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles this Sunday at The Bash, will the Unified Champions be able to fend off the challenge of Legacy or has the sun set on the reign of Primo & Carlito?

Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio & The Great Khali def. Edge, Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler; Hardy pinned Ziggler; Trump fires Santina (PHOTOS | WATCH)
As World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk looked on from the announce table, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio & The Great Khali teamed up to face down Edge, Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler. Perhaps sending a message to Punk, his opponent at The Bash, The Charismatic Enigma pinned Ziggler himself to secure the win for his team. As Hardy celebrated in the ring after the match, Punk climbed in and raised his Bash opponent's hand in victory. Undoubtedly recalling how Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against him at Extreme Rules after a grueling World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match against Edge, Hardy jerked his hand away, his mind looking forward to this Sunday. Meanwhile, Raw owner Donald Trump made his own mark, firing Santino Marella's twin sister Santina. Goodbye, Santina, we hardly knew you.

John Cena vs. Big Show tonight; Cena confronts The Miz, announces they will battle at The Bash! (WATCH)
After recounting how Big Show has attacked him and interfered in his matches recently, John Cena told the audience that he will battle The World's Largest Athlete later in the evening, hopefully, for the very last time. Cena then addressed the Superstar who's been mocking him for weeks, The Miz. After exchanging words with Miz, Cena announced that the two will face each other at The Bash. But the former reality show star took a cheap shot at Cena and managed to narrowly escape.

Donald Trump announces ticket refund for fans (PHOTOS | WATCH | OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT)
Forget the mysterious, inexplicable hair. As the new owner of Raw, Donald Trump has never looked better. After all, the billionaire businessman not only made history by broadcasting this week's Raw commercial-free, he continued to show the love to the WWE Universe during a press conference and at the top of the program. Trump implored the capacity crowd at the Resch Center to hold onto their ticket stubs -- he would be giving them a full refund to show them his appreciation! 

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