Just days away from his Hell in a Cell World Heavyweight Championship defense against Triple H at Vengeance, Batista was scheduled for one-on-one action with former WWE Champion Kurt Angle.

The match, however, was marred by interference when The Game and Ric Flair attacked Batista outside the ring. As a result of the attack, Batista was awarded the decision via disqualification. Unable to stand for a disqualification finish in his main event, General Manager Eric Bischoff called for a tag team match. Triple H teamed with Kurt Angle to take on the tandem of Batista and Shawn Michaels.

Several minutes into the match, Shawn Michaels and his Vengeance opponent Kurt Angle fought their way into the crowd, leaving Batista and Triple H. Unfortunately for the champ, the Nature Boy was also still at ringside. With his attention focused on Flair, Batista was caught off guard by The Game, resulting in The Animal getting hit with the Pedigree. The devastating maneuver floored Batista, further adding credence to Triple H's claims that nobody gets up from the Pedigree. Will Batista suffer the same fate this Sunday at Vengeance? Tune in to pay-per-view to find out.

Elsewhere on RAW, WWE Champion John Cena picked up a huge win when he ended the undefeated streak of Muhammad Hassan after hitting him with an FU. Naturally, the victory should have given Cena much momentum heading into his Vengeance championship defense, but directly after the match, he was attacked by both his opponents in the Triple Threat Match -- Christian and Chris Jericho. Will Y2J's renewed interest in wrestling be enough to carry him to the top Sunday night? Will Christian bring home the WWE Championship to the Peepulation? Or will Cena be able to turn back both challengers and walk out with his coveted spinner belt? Watch Vengeance to find out.

In draft lottery news, RAW pulled another major Superstar away from SmackDown! This time, it was Carlito making the move to Monday nights. Much like his SmackDown! in-ring debut when he captured the United States Championship, Carlito pulled off a monstrous victory when he forced Shelton Benjamin's shoulders to the mat (with a little extra leverage from the ring rope). As a result, Carlito ended the amazing Intercontinental Championship reign -- a reign that has not been seen in WWE for in a decade.

The unbelievable moments kept coming Monday night on RAW. As if the huge tag team main event, John Cena's victory over the undefeated Hassan, and Carlito's amazing debut were not enough, the wedding ceremony between Lita and Edge was sure to leave a lasting impression. First, the ceremony was interrupted by Matt Hardy's entrance theme. While Lita's former lover interest never actually came out, the capacity crowd in Phoenix exploded when they heard his music. It was later revealed that Edge and Lita were simply playing a joke that they could not resist.

The next interruption, however, was no joke. Just before Edge and Lita could say "I do," Kane tore through the ring in an attempt to attack the lovers. Unfortunately for Kane, they got away. Unfortunately for the priest, he didn't. He ended up being the victim of a Tombstone.

Also on RAW, Lilian revealed that she had a feeling Viscera was going to hit the jackpot this Sunday in Las Vegas (the site of Vengeance) and Victoria bloodied her Vengeance opponent Christy Hemme when she hit her from behind with a glass pitcher.

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