DX rules RAW

At their official reunion on RAW this past Monday, D-Generation X lived up to their reputation as the rebellious pranksters of WWE, but also made it clear when it comes time to get into the ring they're all business.

Even before fooling Mr. McMahon into leaving the arena by starting the rumor the Chairman's daughter Stephanie went into labor, Triple H and Shawn Michaels made Mr. McMahon's night a living hell. First the Chairman ran into someone holding a chicken, because, as the guy holding the rooster said, he heard Mr. McMahon loves cocks. Then a crew of male strippers confronted the Chairman and told him they were ready to "blow his mind."
The Chairman wasn't the only victim of DX's torments on RAW. The Spirit Squad and Coach, who was acting boss in Mr. McMahon's absence, also suffered at the hands of HBK and The Game. After making some DX-style decorations to Coach's office, the duo bullied Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant and tossed him head first through a wall, yanked his pants down and spray painted a D and an X on Coach's exposed cheeks. While that may have been humiliating, the brunt of DX's wrath went to their opponents at this Sunday's Vengeance PPV, the Spirit Squad.

After attempting to lure Triple H and HBK into the ring for a lopsided five-on-two brawl, DX popped up on the TitanTron to tell the Squad they had two words for them: look up. As the Squad looked skyward a cascade of green paint fell from the ceiling, covering the ring and all five Superstars in a pool of slime colored paint.

Later, when DX was in the ring addressing their opponent's challenge from earlier in the night, they brought out their versions of the Spirit Squad: one being five little men dressed in the Squad's trademark green pants and white tank tops, and the other was four sexy cheerleaders with short green skirts with a D and an X written on their bras. The humor was lost on the real Spirit Squad members, who came out looking for a scuffle, but only two of the five made it into the ring. Mikey suffered a Pedigree from Triple H, while Johnny got blasted with Sweet Chin Music from Michaels, leaving DX to celebrate in the ring with their smaller Spirit Squad.

What will happen when the odds are five to two against DX at Vengeance?  Will the Spirit Squad make DX's long-awaited return short lived, or will The Game and the Showstopper break the Squad down? Vengeance, June 25, live on Pay Per View from the Charlotte Bobcats Arena is the only place to find out.


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