Memorializing Mr. McMahon

Memorializing Mr. McMahon

Next Monday night, there will be a Mr. McMahon memorial service on a special three-hour Raw. All Superstars from Raw, SmackDown and ECW are required to attend.

With the investigation widening into Mr. McMahon's demise, who else will be there? Just two weeks ago, there was quite a turnout for Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night, so one has to wonder if a Mr. McMahon memorial service will draw an even larger crowd.

Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night drew comments from such stars as Snoop Dogg, Bob Costas, Jackass star Steve-O and Donald Trump. Hall of Famers such as Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Bret "Hitman" Hart, Dusty Rhodes, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and The Iron Sheik showed their appreciation as well, and Sheik himself just met with interim Raw boss Jonathan Coachman on Monday. Will any of these Legends or more of their fellow Hall of Famers be on hand?

No matter who shows up, all eyes will be on the possible attendance of four people. Of course, as his investigation into the Chairman's tragic demise continues, investigator Daniel Beck may be on hand for the festivities. Most importantly, however, are the three people closest to the fallen Chairman: Linda, Shane and Stephanie McMahon.

On the last Raw, Stephanie made the family's first public appearance since the tragedy. While she thanked the fans for their sympathy and promised vengeance on the culprit, the distraught and visibly grieving Stephanie was unable to hold her emotions together for very long. Neither Linda nor Shane have been seen or heard from since the tragic limo explosion; one would assume that all three will be there, but will they be in any condition to make a public appearance? Given Stephanie's demeanor this past Monday, that's a tough question to answer.

Tune in Monday night at the special time of 8/7 CT on USA Network to see just who comes to pay their respects to the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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