As you like it

As you like it

Miami -- The WWE Universe took the reins of Monday Night Raw for the first-ever Viewer's Choice Night, choosing the matches and stipulations by voting on Hosted by the cast of The A-Team, this three-hour, co-branded event was created by and for the WWE Universe, loaded with surprise match-ups that reignited old rivalries between both Raw and SmackDown Superstars while creating entirely new ones in the process. (FULL VOTING RESULTS)

WWE Champion John Cena vs. CM Punk Viewer's Choice Match ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The WWE Universe chose CM Punk to face WWE Champion John Cena in the night's main event. Although Cena was gaining the upper hand against the masked leader of the Straight Edge Society, the match was cut short when last season's NXT Rookies -- led by season one winner Wade Barrett -- charged the ring and laid waste to everything and everyone in sight. Following the mayhem, a battered Cena was carted out on a stretcher.

Mark Feuerstein to host Raw next Monday (FULL STORY
Is the doctor in? He will be next Monday when Mark Feuerstein, the star of USA's hit medical drama Royal Pains, makes a house call in Charlotte, N.C., to guest host Raw.

The A-Team actors confront Ted DiBiase, I.R.S., Virgil and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Twenty-five years after the original WrestleMania, when he faced off against original "A-Team" star Mr. T in a tag team match, WWE Hall of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper exacted revenge against the current "B.A. Baracus" -- one of Raw's guest hosts -- by teaming with Ted DiBiase, I.R.S. and Virgil to kidnap Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

Before Piper could lay a hand on his restrained foe-by-association, however, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes rode to the rescue on a golf cart with unlikely allies "Mean" Gene Okerlund and Jackson's A-Team co-star Sharlto Copley. Once he broke free of his handcuffs, Jackson took some revenge of his own against his kidnappers, delivering a spinebuster to DiBiase and chokeslamming Virgil. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Matt Hardy def. Drew McIntyre in a Viewer's Choice Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Self-proclaimed "Chosen One" Drew McIntyre never expected Matt Hardy to be the mystery opponent in his Viewer's Choice bout, and he was even more surprised when the recently-suspended SmackDown Superstar was chosen by 88 percent of the WWE Universe to face him in singles competition over Raw Superstars Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust.

After distracting McIntyre during the Scotsman's failed title rematch Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston on SmackDown last week -- giving him a post-match Twist of Fate for good measure -- Hardy thwarted the former champion on Viewer's Choice Night with yet another Twist of Fate and a speedy pinfall.

Randy Orton def. Edge by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In their first in-ring showdown since their match at Over the Limit ended in a double count-out, a wounded Randy Orton sought retribution against Edge after The Rated-R Superstar brutally attacked him a week ago. Since Edge's ambush further aggravated Orton's injury incurred during their Over the Limit bout, Raw General Manager Bret "Hit Man" Hart and SmackDown GM Theodore Long mandated that Edge tie one arm behind his back to even the odds.

Ultimately, this disarming stipulation proved too limiting for The Ultimate Opportunist, who was disqualified when he freed up his bound arm and refused to retie it. Seething, The Rated-R Superstar added injury to injury following the match, hitting Orton's arm with a steel chair and further jeopardizing The Viper's chances of being physically able to compete in the WWE Championship Match at Fatal 4-Way.

The Miz & Zack Ryder def. U.S. Champion R-Truth & John Morrison in a Viewer's Choice Tag Team Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Ever the sore loser, The Miz just can't seem to get over the fact that R-Truth defeated him two weeks ago to capture the United States Championship. Humiliated after his former NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan defeated him on last week's Raw, The Miz vented his frustrations to the WWE Universe, 43 percent of which chose The Long Island Loudmouth himself, Zack Ryder, as his tag team partner against R-Truth & John Morrison (who scored 54 percent of the voting).

Inflating his already bloated ego, The "Awesome One" scored a pinfall on Morrison after decimating his former "Dirt Sheet" co-star and tag team partner with a Skull-Crushing Finale.

Kane def. Sheamus in a Viewer's Choice Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Sheamus' Irish eyes are locked on John Cena's WWE Championship, and, no, they're not smiling. But before The Celtic Warrior faces off against Cena, Randy Orton and Edge at Fatal 4-Way on June 20, the WWE Universe decided that he must first get through Kane unscathed. The Big Red Machine won the Viewer's Choice decision by a wide margin, capturing 88 percent of the vote.

Suspecting that his opponent might somehow be responsible for incapacitating his brother, The Undertaker, Kane unloaded on Sheamus with a series of vicious physical attacks. Although Sheamus twice escaped The Big Red Monster's chokeslam, the third time wasn't the charm for the Irish Superstar, who chose to fight another day and allowed himself to be counted out.

Maryse won a Viewer's Choice Diva Battle Royal (PHOTOS | WATCH)
At the request of 73 percent of the WWE Universe, 12 smart, sexy and powerful WWE Divas participated in an explosive Diva Battle Royal. After evading early elimination by The Bella Twins, conceited Canadian Maryse spent most of the match taking out her frustrations on Eve, eliminating the reigning Divas Champion with Jillian's help before tossing the vocally challenged Diva out of the ring to win the contest.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Santino Marella in a Viewer's Choice Dance-off (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Santino Marella has fruitlessly tried to recruit The Soviet Cyborg as his tag team partner over the past several weeks, but the WWE Universe finally gave Raw's resident odd couple the chance to hash out their differences on Viewer's Choice Night. Thankfully for Santino, he did not need to face the 6-foot-8, 302-pound Moscow-born monster in singles competition. Rather, Raw viewers decided the two would compete in a dance-off, which received a whopping 84 percent of the vote. Displaying some unnbelievably fancy footwork, Kozlov out-danced Santino before knocking down his opponent after the competition.

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty def. The Great Khali & Hornswoggle in a Viewer's Choice Tag Team Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Ever since they captured the Unified Tag Team Championship, the pink-and-white clad team of David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd has had just about every tag team in WWE seeing red.

Though still reeling after the Usos assaulted them twice in as many weeks, Hart & Kidd emerged victorious over unlikely team of The Great Khali & Hornswoggle (who sized up 52 percent of the vote) after Kidd scored a pinfall on his diminutive opponent. The Usos cut The Hart Dynasty's victory celebration short, but this time, Kidd, Hart and Natalya were able to fend off their ferocious attackers.

Big Show def. Chris Jericho in a Viewer's Choice Body Slam Challenge (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Formerly Unified Tag Team Champions, Big Show and Chris Jericho just haven't been seeing eye-to-eye since their falling out following the 2010 WWE Draft. Therefore, nearly 49 percent of the WWE Universe decided that the Superstars once known collectively as "Jeri-Show" would compete in a Body Slam Challenge.

In a true example of brawn over bravado, The World's Largest Athlete not only body slammed Jericho, but also made him submit before throwing him over the top rope, effectively satisfying all three Viewer's Choice options.

Raw GM Bret "Hit Man" Hart and SmackDown GM Theodore  Long announce a special match: Randy Orton vs. Edge  (PHOTOS)
SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long joined Raw General Manager Bret "Hit Man" Hart to kick off the revolutionary first-ever Raw Viewer's Choice Night. Before the GMs could announce the first of the evening's Viewer's Choice match-ups, however, Randy Orton, his right arm in a sling after Edge slammed it into a door last week to worsen his prior injury, had some choice words of his own. The Viper demanded a match with The Rated-R Superstar later on in the night.

Although Hart and Long had mixed feelings about allowing Orton to compete in spite of his injury, they ultimately decided -- with a little encouragement from members of the WWE Universe at the American Airlines Arena in Miami -- that the two Superstars would collide under one condition: Edge must face Orton with one arm tied behind his back.

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