WWE Mobile on AT&T: Genuine Admiration

WWE Mobile on AT&T: Genuine Admiration

On Raw, Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho expressed his genuine appreciation for what Shawn Michaels has done for sports-entertainment and revealed that he looks up to The Showstopper.

The night before, at One Night Stand, Y2J proved his admiration for Michaels during HBK's Stretcher Match against Batista. The Intercontinental Champion came out and attempted to motivate Michaels to keep on fighting. Unfortunately, it was to no avail as Batista was still able to pick up the win.

Todd Grisham caught up with Jericho after his title defense against JBL, and Y2J had more to say in regards to his appreciation for HBK. Want to know exactly what Jericho had to say? Watch the video available exclusively through WWE Mobile on AT&T. Don't have Ringside yet? Subscribe or switch today.

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