RAW gets a new General Manager

For several months Monday Night RAW has been without a General Manager. But that will finally come to an end tonight, right at 9 p.m. ET, when Mr. McMahon will make the announcement that will change RAW forever and names a new General Manager.

Throughout RAW’s entire existence, Eric Bischoff has been the only General Manager. Bischoff shocked the world when he shook Mr. McMahon’s hand in July 2002 and filled the position. But Bischoff’s time as boss came to an end in December 2005 when a trial was held and Mr. McMahon rules that Bischoff was an incompetent GM. Mr. McMahon had heard enough and “took out the trash” as he literally threw Bischoff into a garbage truck.

Before Bischoff was the GM of RAW, though, he was the head of WCW – the same company that tried to put WWE and Mr. McMahon out of business. If Mr. McMahon was willing to hire a past mortal enemy like Bischoff, there’s no telling who he might bring in as the new GM.

Over the years, SmackDown has had a few General Managers of their own. In addition to current GM Theodore Long, Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman have also been at the helm. With their experience both would be prime candidates for the position, but you never can tell with Mr. McMahon.

Find out who Mr. McMahon will appoint as the new General Manager of RAW tonight at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

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