WWE Champion Punk'd

WWE Champion Punk'd

The Champ got punk'd. Last night John Cena was pranked on the series finale of the long-running MTV show Punk'd. While series producer and creator Ashton Kutcher wasn't on hand for the actual prank, he prefaced the punking with this: "John Cena's going to be taking a little ride. Then he's going to run into something Undertaker is used to -- a funeral procession!"

As the WWE Champion was driven around by phony chauffeur Luis, their SUV collided with a hearse when Luis ran a stop sign. The hearse jumped the curb, the rear door opened and a casket spilled to the asphalt. A shocked Cena, Luis and two accomplices exited the SUV, The Champ uttered matter-of-factly, "It appears we've run into a funeral procession."

The shaken "family" of the "deceased victim" ran out of a nearby vehicle. The family members began arguing and sobbing, as Cena scolded Luis for running the stop sign and causing this pretend mess.

"You are going to need to talk to a law officer," Cena sternly said to the driver.

Meanwhile, the family continued bickering over the casket, loading it back into the hearse and out, dropping it roughly on the ground again. Several family members began sobbing and clutching onto The Champ, who was clearly shocked by this faux traffic incident gone horribly wrong.

As Cena checked under the hood of the hearse, the sister of the "victim" ran up to The Champ, clutching a giant floral wreath, with a surprise message written inside: "You got PUNK'D."

A smile spread across Cena's face, once he realized he truly was tricked, and there wasn't a dead body in the casket laying in the middle of the intersection.

"This is officially the burial of anything I had going for me," Cena laughed. "Yes, I got (bleeping) Punk'd!"

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