Chomping at the bit

Chomping at the bit

MOLINE, Ill. -- ECW World Champion Mr. McMahon has done everything within his billion-dollar arsenal to dishearten, discourage and demoralize Bobby Lashley for his role in shaving the Chairman's head at WrestleMania 23.

The worst offense -- and ultimately what led to Lashley getting a rematch at One Night Stand -- came at Judgment Day. Despite living up to his promise to overcome the overwhelming odds that faced him in their Handicap Match, Lashley wasn't awarded the ECW World Title when he covered Shane McMahon after a ring-rattling Dominator, because Mr. McMahon deviously changed the rules to protect his title from being taken. His reasoning: The champion was never pinned. 

Earlier on Monday afternoon, Lashley had still not calmed down from the night before. With a stoic expression on his face, the former champion was adamant about proving himself yet again. 

"I won last night, but I'm not going to complain about it," he said, shaking his head in disgust.

When Raw went on the air, his irritation had escalated to Red Alert as he issued a challenge to the ECW Champion.

"In order to be the ECW World Champion I need to beat the champion, so tonight I want to propose a challenge."

Unfortunately, it wasn't as cut and dry for Lashley. The rematch he demanded was (reluctantly) granted for One Night Stand by Mr. McMahon only if his challenger could successfully run the gauntlet against four WWE powerhouses. Again, proving how badly he craves to get the ECW gold back in his possession, Lashley somehow scratched, clawed, battled and ripped his way through Chris Masters, Viscera, Umaga and the shifty Shane McMahon. 

Though dazed, thoroughly depleted of energy and sweating profusely, the man who will step into the ring in a Street Fight with the ECW World Champion at One Night Stand perked up when asked to expand on what he'd accomplished on Raw. 

"Getting involved with me was the worst thing Mr. McMahon's ever done," huffed Lashley, shortly after his final Gauntlet Match. Taking an extra few minutes to breathe, down a bottle of water and wipe his sweat-drenched face with a towel, he continued, "At One Night Stand in our Street Fight, I'm coming with everything I have. He stands no chance and he knows it; the clock is ticking for him to be wearing that title."

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