Foot fracas leads to rematch, beating for The Champ

Foot fracas leads to rematch, beating for The Champ

MOLINE, Ill. -- Whether it was wise strategy or just luck, one size 18EEEE foot has wrapped the WWE Championship in controversy.

But one fact is apparently clear: The Great Khali seemingly has John Cena's number.

And it was very apparent on Raw, as the colossus left the WWE Champion staring up at arena lights again, continuing his seemingly weekly mauling of the Chain Gang commander.

In front of Raw fans Monday night, The Great Khali challenged John Cena to a Judgment Day rematch, claiming through his interpreter that he never tapped out to Cena's STFU submission the night before — because his gigantic boot was under the ring ropes.

If seen by referee Mike Chioda, the placement of the boot would have required Cena to break his hold. But Chioda's attention was focused on the giant's arm, which slapped the mat to signal Khali's submission.

"The Great Khali has never submitted in his life," the interpreter said on Khali's behalf. "The referee screwed The Great Khali, you fans screwed The Great Khali, and John Cena has screwed The Great Khali."

The colossus then called Cena a coward, which brought out The Champ to answer the challenger.

Cena conceded the fact that The Great Khali's foot was indeed under the ropes. But, standing face-to-face with the giant that has manhandled him for more than a month, he said Khali's submittal at Judgment Day was no mistake.

"Not only did I survive, but I got you," Cena exclaimed.  "And I know I can get you again!" 

He then accepted Khali's challenge for One Night Stand, for a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship.

"I'm telling you I can beat you anywhere in the building," Cena told the giant.

Khali answered with brutality, chopping his anvil-like hands down on the WWE Champion's skull. Then the behemoth viciously powerbombed Cena in the center of the ring, leaving him unconscious.

As the monster stood glaring over him once again, Cena had to be wondering if his Judgment Day success over The Great Khali was just an accident, or whether he really holds the key to beating his gargantuan rival and keeping the WWE Championship around his waist. 

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