One night stood up

One night stood up

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On a night when the face of One Night Stand took shape with numerous blockbuster matches added to the Extreme Rules pay-per-view -- including a Last Man Standing WWE Championship Match -- King of the Ring and General Manager William Regal found himself out of a job.

In the Raw main event, Regal's final decree as General Manager played out well for Randy Orton & JBL, who defeated The Game & John Cena in a tag team battle, ensuring they would get their desired rematches at One Night Stand -- with extreme stipulations of their choosing. JBL informed Cena that they would do battle in the gruesome First Blood Match (Read full story), while Randy Orton told WWE Champion Triple H that the title would be up for grabs in a Last Man Standing Match -- the same contest Orton prevailed in over The Game at No Mercy in October. (Read full story)

After announcing that WWE Champion Triple H would team with John Cena to take on Randy Orton & JBL in the main event to determine their One Night Stand fate, the Raw General Manager was interrupted by Mr. Kennedy. The brash Superstar has shown little respect for Regal's tyrannical rule over Raw for the past few weeks, and Kennedy once again challenged the GM's authority Monday night.

William Regal besmirched Kennedy's challenge, and was going to wield more of his power, until Mr. McMahon made his way to the ring. The Chairman made it clear to Regal and our fans that the GM had run wild with power. Sending a message of his own and showing everyone where the true power lies, Mr. McMahon put Regal into the Loser Gets Fired No Disqualification Match. Kennedy defeated Regal, unseating the iron-fisted ruler and opening the door for a new regime at Raw's helm. As Regal tried to talk to Mr. McMahon about what had transpired, irony befriended the Brit as he ran into former Assistant General Manager of SmackDown Theodore Long, who quit his job just days earlier. Regal had already crossed paths earlier in the night in his former office with the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, who had business with The Chairman.

Stretch it out

Batista has vowed to hurt Shawn Michaels the next time the two come face-to-face, and The Animal moved one step closer when he defeated Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho on Raw. Batista earned the right to fight HBK in a Stretcher Match at One Night Stand -- a night he hopes to fulfill his promises of pain to Michaels. Will The Animal finally find retribution against Shawn Michaels or will HBK find a way to win once more? Read the full story…

Hurtin' Hardy

Since his surprise return last week on Raw, Jeff Hardy has been intent on proving himself in the ring, focusing his energy on climbing back to the top of WWE. On Raw, Hardy faced Umaga, the man he defeated in his return, but there was no victory for Hardy this week, just punishment. The Samoan Bulldozer took the fight to the outside of the ring, where he devastated Jeff with a sidewalk slam. Moments after the match, it was announced that these two rivals would go head-to-head in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at One Night Stand. Read the full story...

Unfinished business

After her unsuccessful attempt to recapture the Women's Championship at Judgment Day, Beth Phoenix arrived on Raw looking to reestablish her dominance in the women's division. Maria's recent in-ring improvement was no match for the power of The Glamazon, who dominated Maria en route to victory. Phoenix's former friend, Melina, who had been sitting at ringside doing commentary, rushed up the ramp after the match looking to settle the score, before being separated by WWE officials, as the rivalry between the two heats up. What is next as Beth continues to hunt the gold, while Melina hunts her?

Speaking of the gold, Women's Champion Mickie James may not know what is next, but Katie Lea Burchill let Mickie know she, too, had title aspirations. Burchill told James that she will one day be champion. The British Diva then accused Mickie James of using her friendship with John Cena to make her way to the top. Are Mickie James' golden days numbered?

Santino is the pits

While our fans looked forward to seeing WWE Hall of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper host Piper's Pit, Santino Marella furthered his rivalry with "Hot Rod" when he mocked the legendary sports-entertainer and the famed Pit. After Piper paid a special visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live last week to prevent Santino from assaulting Cousin Sal, Marella looked to embarrass both men in return. Instead, Cousin Sal and Piper turned the tables, leaving Santino covered in cake. Santino then challenged Cousin Sal to a match, which was instantly accepted by Roddy Piper on Sal's behalf. Read full story…

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