Without limits

Without limits

TORONTO -- With just six days before Over the Limit, special guest host Buzz Aldrin, one of the famed astronauts aboard the first manned mission to the moon, blasted the WWE Universe into orbit on a commercial-free Raw.

WWE Champion John Cena def. Sheamus by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
There may have been only six days left until his title match at Over the Limit, but WWE Champion John Cena was willing to risk injury in a fight against Sheamus. The Champ needed to set the Irishman right, so that he wouldn't interfere in his title match against Batista. With heightened animosity over the past several months, tempers between Cena and The Celtic Warrior were set to boil.

While the two brawny brawlers went at each other like a pair of tractor trailers playing chicken, The Animal interrupted the ultimate collision when he popped up. He locked his Over the Limit opponent in a brutal submission hold and demanded that he say, "I quit." When Raw went off the air, Cena was still locked in The Animal's clutches but had still refused to utter those two words. But will he be able to summon that resolve in six days at Over the Limit? 

Jon Lovitz to serve as Raw's special guest host next week
Just 24 hours after Over the Limit, actor and comedian Jon Lovitz will try to restore order in the aftermath when he serves as special guest host next week. Be sure to tune in when Lovitz, a Saturday Night Live alum, brings his unique comedy to Monday Night.

Evan Bourne & Gail Kim def. Zack Ryder & Alicia Fox (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Special guest host Buzz Aldrin, an astronaut aboard the first manned mission to the moon, offered his thanks to the Canadian audience and their country for all the help they've given the U.S. space program throughout the years. Long Island Loudmouth Zack Ryder wasn't convinced. When Ryder questioned the veracity of the moon landing, Aldrin quickly placed him in a match with Alicia Fox against Evan Bourne & Canadian native Gail Kim.

With the Air Canada Centre cheering him on, "Air" Bourne & Kim had little difficulty knocking Ryder & Fox back down to earth. After their victory, Bourne and Kim were joined in celebration by Aldrin.

Randy Orton def. Jack Swagger by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After spooning out his poison to Edge earlier in the evening, it was time for Randy Orton to take his medicine. In their Pick Your Poison Match, The Ultimate Opportunist chose World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger to battle The Viper just six days before Over the Limit. Having defeated Orton at Extreme Rules, Swagger appeared to be a particularly shrewd choice. The Viper, however, showed why there are never any good choices when it comes to him. His Over the Limit opponent Edge interfered in the match, prompting a disqualification, before Orton struck "The All-American American" with an RKO. The Rated-R Superstar then hammered WWE's Apex Predator with a Spear.

Maryse, Women's Champion Layla & Michelle McCool def. The Bella Twins & Divas Champion Eve (PHOTOS | WATCH)
When Divas Champion Eve retaliated against Maryse in the women's locker room earlier in the night, beating her tormentor for an unprovoked attack two weeks earlier, it was questionable whether or not the conceited Canadian would compete. When the time came, though, Maryse stood alongside Women's Champion Layla & Michelle McCool as the three faced off against Eve & The Bella Twins. Perhaps energized by competing in her native country, Maryse rallied and pinned Nikki Bella to capture the win for her team.

Bret Hart def. United States Champion The Miz (PHOTOS | WATCH)
During the no disqualification, no count-out bout for the United States Title, it seemed as if half of Canada had charged the ring. Before beloved Canadian Bret Hart battled The Miz, the U.S. Champion employed enforcers William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov to watch the ring. To combat the duo, Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty fought them off. During the melee, Chris Jericho and Miz entered the ring and surrounded The "Hit Man." The Hart family, however, had the back of one of their own.

When Miz attempted to lock the Sharpshooter onto Hart, The Hart Dynasty leveled the loudmouth, allowing The "Hit Man" to lock in his signature maneuver himself for the win and championship gold.

Ted DiBiase (accompanied by Virgil) def. Yoshi Tatsu (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After a fruitless search to find a suitable "Virgil," Ted DiBiase instead acquired the original. The one-and-only Virgil, man-servant to DiBiase's father, The Million Dollar Man, accompanied DiBiase to the ring before his match against Yoshi Tatsu. After defeating the Japanese sensation, The "Fortunate Son" summoned Virgil into the ring and explained that if his Over the Limit opponent, R-Truth, wouldn't be his man-servant, he'd buy the original Virgil, who will now be in DiBiase's corner on Sunday.

Mark Henry vs. Batista ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
When Batista forced Mark Henry to tap out last week, he proved he's got what it takes to compete with WWE Champion John Cena in an "I Quit" Match at Over the Limit. Sadly for Henry, The Animal decided to submit more proof. As The World's Strongest Man approached the ring for their bout, Batista ambushed him from behind with a 2 x 4 before the opening bell. Even when he was down, the No. 1 contender to the WWE Title continued pummeling the powerhouse. Message sent.

Special guest host Buzz Aldrin: new Raw GM announced next week (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After Vickie Guerrero tried to grovel her way back into the Raw General Manager position, she was rebuffed by special guest host Buzz Aldrin. The famed astronaut informed her that not only is her reign over, but next week, a new Raw GM will be announced.

Edge def. Christian; The Undertaker def. Edge (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the run-up to their match at Over the Limit, Edge and Randy Orton engaged in a Pick Your Poison Match, in which your opponent gets to choose your competition. In the case of Edge, The Viper ripped a page from his past and apparently chose Christian. Rather than let old alliances distract him, The Rated-R Superstar defeated his former partner with a Spear. All done then, right? Not so fast.

Orton emerged again to inform his rival that his competition would actually be … The Undertaker! While The Ultimate Opportunist purposefully lost by count-out, Captain Charisma wrangled him back inside the ring, where The Deadman greeted him with a chokeslam.

Chris Jericho confronted Bret Hart (PHOTOS)
Last week, United States Champion The Miz lost to The Hart Dynasty's Tyson Kidd and was forced to choose a member of the Hart family he must face in a U.S. Championship Match. His choice? Bret Hart.

Kicking off the broadcast, Hart explained to his countrymen why he would not be competing. Just when it seemed he would remain firm in his decision, fellow Canadian Chris Jericho appeared to confront him. Miz's partner berated the WWE Hall of Famer, finally goading him into accepting the title bout with no disqualifications and no count-outs.

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