Detroit Tigers baseball great Willie Horton visits Raw

Detroit Tigers baseball great Willie Horton visits Raw

DETROIT -- Baseball Legend Willie Horton slid to Joe Louis Arena Monday night to watch Raw live with his grandchildren.

"My grandkids, along with [Detroit Tigers] Curtis Granderson and Joel Zumaya, got me involved a few years ago, and I've been coming ever since," Horton said.

Baseball fans remember the slugger as the star left fielder on the Detroit Tigers 1968 World Series Championship team. Horton, considered one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, was a four-time All-Star. Anyone attending a Tigers baseball game can see his statue in Comerica Park.

Horton, the 1979 American League Comeback Player of the Year, was impressed with the physical attributes and talent WWE Superstars posses.

"What I enjoy most about watching WWE is sitting here thinking about how these guys are in really good shape, are good athletes, and just watching them go through so much banging with their bodies [without being injured] is so amazing to me."

The world of sports-entertainment is considered different from baseball by some, but Horton sees the similarities between the two.

"Any sport you're involved with takes commitment and hard work. We both come out here to entertain the fans. As long as you do that, you'll have a successful career. When you're out there all you hear is one voice. Whether it's boos or cheers, you're just out there to entertain them," explained Horton.

"I really enjoy being here with my kids. I see myself at home watching it a lot on TV now," Horton described. "I have a lot of grandkids. I guarantee I will be back."

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