Diminished Return

Diminished Return

DETROIT -- If John Cena expected a warm welcome back to Raw after two weeks, he was sorely disappointed. The Champ was greeted with harsh words and even harsher deeds by his longtime rival Randy Orton and the latest thorn in his side, JBL.

The evening started off promisingly enough. Cena poured on the chivalry when Raw General Manager William Regal threatened to toss Mickie James' brother and his fiancée from the Joe Louis Arena for insubordination. The Women's Champion had pleaded with the malicious monarch to let them stay, but her appeal had fallen on deaf ears, that is until Cena intervened.

The Champ convinced Regal to change his unreasonable ways — at least for the time being. As a rare show of nobility, the King of the Ring even arranged a match for an avenging Cena against the man whose punt to the head had put him out of action for the last two weeks, Randy Orton.

During the battle, Cena tore into his longtime rival with glee. Perhaps a little too much glee. Regal, along with Cena's Judgment Day opponent, JBL, slinked in to announce that the media maven would act as referee for the remainder of the bout. JBL overseeing his match proved a difficult hurdle for Cena to clear. When Orton was able to momentarily pin his shoulders, JBL slapped the canvas for the quickest of three-counts, robbing The Champ of his revenge.

Never one to be left out, WWE Champion Triple H rumbled onto the scene and quickly set his sights on Orton. In a preview of their Judgment Day duel, a steel cage lowered around the ring. The two began to trade blows in a furious preview of their upcoming battle before Orton managed to slither under the cage and out of The Game's reach. 

While Triple H will settle his differences with Orton, Cena may have to wait a while longer to avenge himself. He has less than a week to wait, however, until Judgment Day — and his opportunity to strike at JBL.

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