Back to school

Back to school

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- On Monday night, Raw emanated from the Bryce Jordan Center at Penn State University. For many WWE Superstars, being back on a college campus can conjure up fond memories of their own time spent pursing a higher education.

While in college, most WWE Superstars were as focused and driven as they are every time they step into the ring. However, like most college students, the future sports-entertainers weren't all work and no play -- they found at least a little time to cut loose!

"When I was going to UCLA, I lived on fraternity row. Woe-is-me, I had tough times living where all the boys were!" Joked Victoria, "I was always a tomboy, and would hang around with more guys than girls." Lucky guys!

Before becoming Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant, Jonathan Coachman played it cool while in school. "Back then there weren't too many worries. I had a great time in college, all you cared about was eating, drinking and how many girls you could catch on a Saturday night."

Raw's Charlie Haas also has fond memories of his college days. Haas was a two-time Big East wrestling champion at Seton Hall University, but still found time between matches to have fun. "I had my share of majoring in partying. You know you always want to go back and relive those days!"

Haas' tag team partner, Shelton Benjamin was also a highly regarded college wrestler. In fact, Benjamin competed in the Big Ten championship at Penn State! So, does Benjamin have any wild stories from his days as an amateur wrestler and big man on campus?

"I thought that this was supposed to be a family-friendly Web site! I will say, unfortunately for amateur wrestlers at major universities, basketball players and football players tend to overshadow smaller sports. But while they could overshadow smaller sports, they couldn't overshadow me!"

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