Party Crasher

Party Crasher

GREENSVILLE, S.C. - The night before Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama faced off in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary to determine their party's presidential nominee, the two faced off in the squared circle on Raw only to have Umaga crash the party.

"Whatcha gonna do when Hill-a-Mania brings real change to Washington and runs wild all over YOU?" asked Sen. Clinton, accompanied by her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

As Sen. Obama entered the ring, he asked the masses if they could, "smell what Barack is cooking?"

Once the bell rang, Sen. Clinton immediately went on the offensive, even lifting Sen. Obama and slamming him to the canvas. Then, just as Obama seemed to be on the attack, former President Clinton yanked his leg from outside the ring. As the two continued to battle for their party's nomination, a spoiler candidate interrupted the match: The Samoan Bulldozer.

As WWE presented its version of the Dems, Umaga proved that he's no fan of politics as he plowed through each of the candidates, leaving them motionless on the mat. With his landslide beatdown, don't be surprised if the next bumper sticker you see reads, "Umaga '08!"  (WATCH)

Phenomenal Success

All three Backlash Main Events were represented in a power-driven Eight-Man Tag Team Match pitting Triple H, John Cena and The Brothers of Destruction (World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker and ECW Champion Kane) against Randy Orton, JBL, Edge and Chavo Guerrero. With all the pent up anger ready to burst, fireworks seemed inevitable. The ECW Champion had hoisted Guerrero for a chokeslam when, without warning, Edge darted between the ropes and speared the Big Red Machine for the victory. At that point, the fuse was lit. Orton and JBL teamed up to lay out both Triple H and Cena. But before the two could rejoice, however, Undertaker showed his dominance just days before his title defense against Edge by seizing both Orton and JBL by the neck and leveling the pair with a chokeslam to remain the only man standing. (WATCH)

Cold Warriors

The war of words between Shawn Michaels and Batista continues to rage in the lead up to their match at Backlash. This week, tensions escalated as they exchanged more heated words regarding HBK retiring Ric Flair at WrestleMania. Batista told HBK that he would end their feud in the ring at Backlash. For his part, Michaels claimed that he will stop at nothing to defeat The Animal. Before parting, the two shook hands with Batista offering up one of his intimidating glares. Those hands will be used to different effect this Sunday as two of WWE's biggest names look to end their personal issues inside the ring. (WATCH)

Bold and Beautiful

To celebrate Mickie James' emotional Women's Title win last week, a host of Divas, including Maria, Ashley, Michelle McCool, Cherry and Kelly Kelly, summoned the new champion to the ring. But all the merriment proved too much for Beth Phoenix to bear. Accompanied by Melina, Jillian, Victoria, Layla and Natalya Neidhart, the former champion confronted her adversaries and told them their celebration was a slap in the face. That's when McCool demonstrated to The Glamazon what a real slap in the face feels like. After that, all bets were off as the beauties turned beastly in a Diva free for all, with WWE's favorite femme fatales standing tall. (PHOTOS)

International Incident

In a possible sneak peek at the World Tag Team Title Match, Carlito battled one-half of the tag team champions, Hardcore Holly. With their respective partners — Santino Marella and Cody Rhodes — waiting ringside, Carlito and Holly clashed until the Caribbean Bad Apple hit the Backstabber for the three-count. Afterward, the Italian Stallion mouthed off to Rhodes until the young gun smacked him with the microphone and demanded respect. The International Superstars have momentum on their side, but will it be enough? (PHOTOS)


King of Pain

Not only did William Regal leverage his power as Raw General Manager to insert himself into the King of the Ring Tournament, the below-the-belt Brit also emerged sporting the crown. The Englishman won all three of his King of the Ring Matches by submission, forcing Hornswoggle, Finlay and CM Punk to tap out. Read the full story...

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