God save The King (of Kings)

God save The King (of Kings)

LONDON -- One week after the 2009 WWE Draft its effects were still being felt as Raw took place in London. There were numerous interpromotional matches, with Superstars attempting to make their presence on Raw known one last time before heading to their new brand. The main event also showcased two ring warriors eager to make an impact: WWE Champion Triple H and his Backlash opponent, Randy Orton. The Game planned to get all the anger out of his system by decimating The Legend Killer in a No Disqualification Match, but shocking the WWE Universe, Orton pulled out a win courtesy of a lightning-quick RKO.

Randy Orton def. WWE Champion Triple H in a No Disqualification Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In a WrestleMania rematch, WWE Champion Triple H had a chance to take out all his frustrations prior to Backlash as he competed in a No Disqualification Match against Randy Orton. Both Superstars set out to use every tool and weapon at their disposal and eventually the match turned in The Game's favor as he repeatedly worked on his opponent's knee. As he prepared to deliver the coup de grace to Orton's wounded limb, he was distracted by The Legacy, with Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase rushing to the ring and attacking The King of Kings. The match turned into a massive brawl as Batista & Shane McMahon also entered the fray, but "The Viper," Orton thrived on the chaos and Triple H's allies' lack of cohesion, picking his moment to level The Game with a victory-sealing RKO.

Big Show def. Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio (PHOTOS | WATCH)
It was The World's Largest Athlete versus WWE's Littlest Big-Man as Big Show took on Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio in this non-title match -- only his second contest since being drafted to Raw. In spite of The Ultimate Underdog's amazing speed and agility, he wasn't able to overcome his opponent's massive strength advantage, and was pinned following a knockout punch during his last appearance on Raw before moving back to SmackDown.

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Chris Jericho ended in a No Contest due to interference from Edge (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Chris Jericho had a final opportunity to make an impression on Raw by facing off against World Heavyweight Champion John Cena as his last act on the brand before moving to SmackDown. Having faced one another numerous times in the past, the ring warriors appeared evenly matched, countering one another's moves and coming back time and time again. As the Superstars continued to do battle back and forth, the match ended due to interference from Cena's Backlash opponent, Edge. The Rated-R Superstar mercilessly pummeled Cena and proceeded to batter him with a Con-Chair-To. The Ultimate Opportunist then gloated over his injured opponent, issuing a symbolic 10-count just days before their Last Man Standing Match at Backlash.

Women's Champion Melina def. Beth Phoenix (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After revealing Backlash news to Santino Marella and his twin sister Santina, Beth Phoenix had one last chance to get her hands on Melina's Women's Title before the recently drafted Diva leaves Raw for SmackDown. As the two competed, The Glamazon's intern, Rosa Mendes, looked on eagerly from ringside. But when Mendes attempted to become involved, she inadvertently took a rough shoulder from Beth, giving Melina all the time she needed to strike, putting The Glamazon down and retaining her championship gold.

"Miss WrestleMania" Santina Marella will appear on Khali's Kiss Cam at Backlash (WATCH)
Santino Marella appeared in the U.K. to speak with his twin sister, Santina. Expressing his regret that he couldn't keep his sibling from having to appear on Khali's Kiss Cam, the Italian Superstar learned from "Miss WrestleMania" that she wouldn't be able to appear with The Punjabi Playboy on SmackDown. Santina revealed that she has a nasty blister on her lip that will keep anyone from smooching her on Friday. As the Y-chromosome bearing half of the Marella twins started to recite a poem, he was interrupted by Beth Phoenix. A grinning Glamazon revealed that though Santina might not play tonsil hockey on SmackDown, she'll need to make some time for The Punjabi Playboy this Sunday at Backlash, where General Manager Vickie Guerrero has cleared time for the pair to pucker up.

Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk def. Kane (PHOTOS)
At the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, CM Punk became a two-time Mr. Money in the Bank after knocking Kane off a dangerously high ladder. When Raw emanated from London, The Big Red Monster had an opportunity to exact some manner of retribution before he and The Straightedge Superstar move to SmackDown permanently. Kane's vengeance will continue to wait for Friday nights, however, as CM Punk rolled-up the 7-footer after countering a chokeslam.

Batista def. Chavo Guerrero, Batista Bombing him a second time after the match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Newly drafted Raw Superstar Chavo Guerrero took to the ring wanting to prove his worth to his aunt -- and Raw General Manager -- Vickie Guerrero, and further assuring that he could take care of anyone on the Monday night roster. But the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" probably wasn't expecting the Superstar who came down the ramp: Batista. The Animal made clear to Chavo and the WWE Universe that he had no signs of ring-rust following his recent return, quickly steamrolling over his opponent. As Batista left victorious, Chavo claimed that he wasn't ready for the match to begin. Serving as an exclamation point to his already impressive win, The Animal returned to the ring, where he crushed the new Raw Superstar with yet another Batista Bomb.

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat to face Chris Jericho at Backlash; Chris Jericho to face World Heavyweight Champion John Cena on Raw (PHOTOS)
Though he was drafted to SmackDown the week before, Chris Jericho appeared on Raw, as snide and condescending as ever toward the WWE Universe. Though the fans in attendance in London didn't show the first-ever Undisputed Champion the appreciation he desired, WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat did emerge to show the arrogant Superstar his gratitude. "The Dragon" thanked Jericho for giving him the chance to compete once again, and at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania no less. The nefarious Superstar had a hard time accepting this, however, and accusing the Hall of Famer of stealing his spotlight, challenged Steamboat to a match at Backlash.

Before "The Dragon" could react, the two Superstars were joined by World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, who took Jericho to task for denigrating Steamboat's name with his insults. As the new SmackDown Superstar was leaving the Raw ring, he received two pieces of news: First, Steamboat accepted the Backlash challenge and second, Cena announced that though General Manager Vickie Guerrero was absent, she had nonetheless informed him that he would be facing Jericho in the ring on Raw.

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