MacGruber kicks ash!

MacGruber kicks ash!

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- With a giant ash cloud hovering over Europe, thanks to an erupting volcano in Iceland, air travel has been severely restricted, causing most of the Raw roster to find themselves grounded overseas after their European tour. With Extreme Rules less than a week away, however, WWE found plenty of angry SmackDown Superstars just itching to blow their tops. 

Triple H, Rey Mysterio & Edge def. CM Punk, Chris Jericho & Luke Gallows (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Just six days until Extreme Rules, a battalion of the pay-per-view's competitors converged in a Six-Man Tag Team Match pitting Rey Mysterio, Edge & Triple H against CM Punk, Chris Jericho & Luke Gallows. In the run-up to the highly anticipated Steel Cage Match, Edge faced down his former partner Jericho, who punished his rival by crushing his ankle. Punk also sent Mysterio a message in the lead up to their Extreme Rules contest.

The match's conclusion, however, seemed fitting since it was Raw Superstar Triple H who led his team to victory by pinning SmackDown's Straight Edge spiritual guide, CM Punk.

MacGruber & "Khaluber" def. Vladimir Kozlov by count-out in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
If MacGruber ever chooses you to replace him in a match, there's only one thing for a self-respecting Superstar to do: Run! After apparently torching his earlier replacement, R-Truth, the Saturday Night Live character was forced to battle the Russian. Fortunately for the comedic crusader, his costar, Ryan Phillippe, intervened with a tag team partner: "The Great Khaluber!"

Dressed in MacGruber gear, a familiar looking Punjabi giant confronted Kozlov, punishing the Muscovite and causing him to flee up the entrance ramp and lose by count-out.

The Undertaker def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger in a Non-Title Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The open challenge -- always a dicey proposition. Since he defeated both Edge and Chris Jericho in the same match last Friday, though, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger must have been feeling cocky. After addressing his Extreme Rules opponent Randy Orton, "The All-American American" issued an open challenge and almost got away with it when no one answered. That is, until a familiar gong rang out.

The Undertaker took Swagger up on his challenge and subsequently laid to rest the young champion. Swagger is undoubtedly hoping his Extreme Rules Title Match against Orton renders a considerably different outcome.

Vladimir Kozlov confronted special guest host MacGruber (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The Cold War may be over, but things between Russia's Vladimir Kozlov and American hero MacGruber were heated indeed. After a disgruntled Kozlov ripped into America, the titular character of the MacGruber film appeared on the TitanTron. He announced a main event, featuring Rey Mysterio, Edge & Triple H taking on CM Punk, Chris Jericho & Luke Gallows and lobbed a few verbal grenades in Kozlov's direction. Rather than dispose of the Ruskie himself, though, MacGruber enlisted R-Truth to battle Kozlov later in the evening. Unfortunately, MacGruber had booby-trapped the arena and, well, may have accidentally blown up his hand-picked proxy.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre def. Matt Hardy (PHOTOSWATCH)
A visit to his ancestral homeland of Scotland during SmackDown's European tour must have done Drew McIntyre more than a wee bit o' good. The Intercontinental Champion, who has lost only to The Undertaker, retained his winning ways by overcoming the onslaught of Matt Hardy. But how well will the Great Scot fare next week when the WWE Draft comes to Raw in a special three-hour edition?

Straight Edge Society confronted Triple H; Rey Mysterio came to The Game's aid (PHOTOS)
While no man is an island, Triple H certainly appeared adrift in unfamiliar waters when he opened Raw. The Superstar explained that, unlike the remainder of the red brand's roster, he had remained stateside during Raw's European tour. He explained that, due to the volcanic ash over Europe, air travel has been disrupted grounding most of his Raw brethren across the Atlantic.

The Game then went on to discuss his Street Fight against Sheamus this Sunday at Extreme Rules before he was rudely interrupted by The Straight Edge Society, including Luke Gallows, Serena and leader CM Punk. After Punk and Triple H exchanged words regarding Punk's pay-per-view bout against Rey Mysterio, the preachy provocateur demanded that The King of Kings convert to Straight Edge. Triple H didn't take too kindly to the proselytizing, and he and The S.E.S. came to blows. That's when Mysterio joined the fray. The Biggest Little Man helped beat back The S.E.S. and, in a possible foreshadowing of their bout at Extreme Rules, managed to snip a lock of Punk's hair in the process.

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