Bringing in the big guns

Bringing in the big guns

HOUSTON -- It was just one day after the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, and only a week before everything changes in the 2009 WWE Draft (PREVIEW), but the Superstars of WWE were already looking toward Backlash on Monday Night Raw. As the show received its new permanent General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, two matches were set for the upcoming pay-per-view. More shocking however, was the return of Batista, who after rushing to the aide of Mr. McMahon, WWE Champion Triple H & Shane McMahon, was awarded the WWE Chairman's spot in their Six-Man Tag Team Match against Randy Orton & The Legacy.

Randy Orton began to brutalize Mr. McMahon but was interrupted by WWE Champion Triple H, Shane McMahon and the returning Batista, who will take Mr. McMahon's place at Backlash (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the night's main event, Randy Orton attempted to prove his point about Mr. McMahon's in-ring abilities. In the midst of putting a hurting on the WWE Chairman, he was interrupted by McMahon's son, Shane, who attacked The Legend Killer. But Orton had help of his own waiting in the wings in the form of Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, who rushed to their leader's aid, teaming up on Shane O'Mac. WWE Champion Triple H then emerged, but he too fell victim to the combined might of The Legacy.

As Orton and his cohorts pummeled The Game, they were shocked to find out there was more opposition that they hadn't counted on: The returning Batista. The Animal stormed down the entrance ramp, evening the odds by chasing Orton & DiBiase from the ring and laying out Rhodes with a Batista Bomb. As the WWE Chairman recovered, he announced that Batista would be taking his place in the Six-Man Tag Team Match at Backlash. (PREVIEW)

Miss WrestleMania Santina Marella def. Beth Phoenix (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Raw was graced with an appearance of the newly honored Miss WrestleMania, Santino Marella's twin sister, "Santina." In the midst of thanking the WWE Universe, she was interrupted by Beth Phoenix. The Glamazon was furious about Santina dumping her out of the 25-Diva Battle Royal and challenged her to a match. Santina went on to prove why she holds the title of Miss WrestleMania by pinning Beth for the win.

Vickie Guerrero announced that she is the new permanent General Manager of Raw and that John Cena will defend the World Heavyweight Title against Edge in a Last Man Standing Match at Backlash
Though she has been acting as both SmackDown General Manager and interim General Manager of Raw in recent weeks, Vickie Guerrero announced that WWE's Board of Director's had told her that she would have to choose one show to run. Promising to bring her own unique vision to the program, Guerrero revealed that she would be staying on Raw.

As her first act as the show's permanent General Manager, she placed World Heavyweight Champion John Cena into a Last Man Standing Match against her husband Edge at Backlash with the title on the line (PREVIEW). The Raw GM also added a stipulation to the Six-Man Tag Team Match announced earlier in the night, placing the WWE Championship on the line. She clarified that if anyone on Triple H's team wins, he will retain the title, but if Orton or The Legacy taste victory, then the WWE Title will go to The Legend Killer.

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, & Ricky Steamboat def. Edge, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy & Kane (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Many of the Superstars who just competed on The Grandest Stage of Them All took part in a WrestleMania All-Star Tag Team Match on Raw that featured new World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, new Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio and new Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk on the same powerful team. All that championship gold didn't slow them down at all though, as The Master of the 619 hit Edge and Chris Jericho with a double 619 to pick up the win.

Women's Champion Melina, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Layla & Jillian def. Divas Champion Maryse, Maria, Eve, Gail Kim, & Natalya (PHOTOS)
Just one day after they all competed in a massive 25-Diva Battle Royal, five Divas from Raw took on five of their counterparts from SmackDown in tag team action. The ladies of Raw successfully defended their home turf as Mickie James pinned Natalya for the win.

WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo def. The Miz & John Morrison in a Lumberjack Match
At the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania brothers Carlito & Primo made history by unifying the WWE and World Tag Team Titles with their defeat of The Miz & John Morrison in a Lumberjack Match. On Raw the following night, the "Dirt Sheet" duo had a chance to regain Tag Team gold in another Lumberjack Match against the brothers from Puerto Rico. Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" & The Shaman of Sexy, they must return to ECW empty-handed after another defeat at the hands of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions.

Mr. McMahon set a Six-Man Tag Team Match for Backlash and pitted himself against Randy Orton for Raw's main event (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Randy Orton opened Raw, bitter over his loss to WWE Champion Triple H the night before at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Before he could get further into his threats against The Game and the entire McMahon family however, he was interrupted by the WWE Chairman himself. Mr. McMahon told the venomous Superstar that he wouldn't be getting a rematch, but that he would get to face Triple H again at Backlash, only in a Six-Man Tag Team Match, featuring Triple H, Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton & The Legacy. The insolent Superstar then began to insult his employer for both hiding behind his family and being too old to compete on his own. Not one to stand down from a challenge, Mr. McMahon placed himself into the night's main event against Orton. 

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