Grade "A" betrayal

Grade "A" betrayal

MOLINE, Ill. -- When David "A-List" Otunga won an Eight-Man Battle Royal to earn the honor of special guest host, the NXT Rookie didn't forget to bring his "A" games to Monday Night Raw. 

Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz def. WWE Champion John Cena & David Otunga; Batista invoked rematch at Extreme Rules (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Special guest host David Otunga didn't just burn a bridge tonight, he incinerated it. Having teamed himself with WWE Champion John Cena in a title match against Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz, the NXT Rookie turned his back on The Champ. The brazen betrayal allowed Batista to enter the fray and attack Cena mercilessly.

Following a Batista Bomb, The Animal told Cena he was invoking his rematch clause for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules in a Last Man Standing Match!

David Hasselhoff acts as special guest host next week
The multi-talented David Hasselhoff brings his success as a singer, actor and producer to Monday Night Raw next week when he takes over as special guest host. When it comes to "The Hoff," there's no telling what might happen, so tune to catch it all live!

Randy Orton def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger in a Non-Title Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger came up snake eyes -- again. For two weeks straight, "The All-American American" has succumbed to the coiled strike of The Viper. In a non-title contest, the newly-minted World Heavyweight Champion failed to capitalize on his momentum from Friday Night SmackDown, while Randy Orton continues to slither to victory.

2010 WWE Draft coming April 26 on a special 3-hour Raw (FULL STORY)
Tune in to Monday Night Raw at 8 p.m. ET on April 26 for a special 3-hour event to witness the unpredictable WWE Draft. Just one night after the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, every Superstar in the WWE Universe is subject to the Draft, which is certain to realign the dynamic of both Raw and SmackDown.  

Ted DiBiase def. Christian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Last week, it became apparent that all is not well in the House of DiBiase. After the Legends Lumberjack Match that he lost to Christian, Ted DiBiase rejected a helping hand from his father, "The Million Dollar Man." This week, the younger DiBiase elected for a rematch, this time without his father or any WWE Legends in attendance. After berating his WWE Hall of Fame father, DiBiase went on to overcome the challenge of Captain Charisma - and show off his father's Million Dollar Championship, which he brought with him to the ring.

Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz def. WWE Champion John Cena & Batista by Count-out ; David Otunga arranged Show-Miz vs. Cena & Otunga (PHOTOS)
For the sake of teamwork, John Cena & Batista appeared to try putting animosities behind them. Unfortunately, bad feelings from the last few months came crashing to the fore. In their title match against Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz, the WWE Champion and The Animal simply weren't content to let bygones be bygones. Instead, Batista left up the ramp, where his partner chased him down and began pummeling him, prompting the tag team bout to end in a Count-out.

The ending did not satisfy self-proclaimed "A-Lister" David Otunga. As a result, the special guest host arranged a new Unified Tag Team Match: Show-Miz vs. Cena & Otunga, himself!

Eve won Red Carpet "Dress to Impress" Battle Royal; Eve vs. Maryse for Divas Title next week (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The sexy, smart and powerful women of WWE really are multi-talented. Not only do they know how to fill out an evening gown, they're not too shabby at wrestling in them either. A "Dress to Impress" Battle Royal pitted Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, Rosa Mendes, Jillian, Katie Lea, The Bella Twins and Eve against one other with the winner earning a Divas Championship Match next week. When the sequins finally settled, it was the gorgeous Eve who emerged victorious and will face Maryse next week for the title.

Sheamus def. Kofi Kingston (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Sheamus continues to demonstrate his piping mad temper. After last week's despicable clubbing of Triple H during his farewell address to friend Shawn Michaels, The Celtic Warrior once again wielded a steel pipe, this time using it to thrash Kofi Kingston -- even when the Irishman had already prevailed in their match.

Afterward, Sheamus called out Triple H, the man who defeated him at WrestleMania. The Game, however, had learned his lesson. As Sheamus threatened to end his career, Triple H pulled out a sledgehammer and nailed The Celtic Warrior, which sent him scrambling from the ring.

Special guest host, NXT Rookie David Otunga, arranged World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton and Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz vs. WWE Champion John Cena & Batista (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Jack Swagger's manners may be lacking, but his timing last week proved nearly flawless. "The All-American American" cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on SmackDown in the wake of the then-World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho suffering a Spear from Edge. After a mere nine seconds against Jericho, Swagger claimed his first World Heavyweight Title.

In his so-called "State of the World Heavyweight Championship Address," Swagger took the opportunity to verbally jab WWE Champion John Cena, who responded by challenging the chest-beating braggart to a match. Not content flying under the radar, both Randy Orton and The Miz each demanded that they fight Swagger.

Instead, Raw's special guest host, NXT Rookie David Otunga, silenced the raucous row. Otunga, who landed the prime hosting gig by winning an Eight-Man Battle Royal, arranged two matches for later in the evening: Swagger will take on Randy Orton and Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & Miz will defend their titles against The Champ and his partner … Batista!

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