McMahon's bloody plan

Mr. McMahon said there would be "hell to pay" only six days away from WrestleMania, and he backed up his words with a diabolical display on RAW.

The WWE Chairman forced WWE Champion John Cena into a match based on last week's events, but he added an important caveat on Monday night: Triple H would be handcuffed to the ropes by his corner, while Shawn Michaels would be handcuffed near Cena's corner.  

Mr. McMahon impressed his RAW opponent with his massive physique, but Cena still managed to get the upper hand in a test of strength. With things going Cena's way, McMahon sacrificed the win in order to damage Cena and get payback. McMahon kicked Cena with a low blow, which resulted in an immediate disqualification. McMahon then unveiled a second set of keys and freed the Cerebral Assassin.

Triple H leveled and bloodied Cena with a sledgehammer while HBK looked on in helpless disgust. The Chairman and The Game then set their sights on "The Showstopper," who absorbed a sledgehammer shot and a steel chair blast from WrestleMania opponent Mr. McMahon. In an ominous sight, McMahon and Triple H stood over their bloody WrestleMania opposition as RAW went off the air.

Earlier, McMahon twice involved himself in Michaels' match against Triple H — ensuring that HBK wouldn't get a win or any momentum heading into the biggest pay-per-view of the year on April 2. Eventually McMahon's distractions led to a Pedigree, but Cena intervened before Triple H use his sledgehammer. The Champ and HBK wouldn't be so fortunate later in the evening.

Meanwhile, Mick Foley presented Edge with the gift of a baseball bat for use in their Hardcore Match this Sunday. But The Hardcore Legend then uncovered a barbed-wire baseball bat of his and said he'll literally carve up Edge in their dangerous grudge match at WrestleMania.

Also, RAW's Money in the Bank Ladder Match participants brawled and the World Tag Team Champions again tangled with their young WrestleMania challengers. Kane beat Carlito via disqualification, and Chris Masters abandoned an attempt at placing Big Show in The Master Lock Challenge, instead attacking him from behind.

Plus, Mickie James seems psycho before. But on RAW she spoke from a shrine-like room dedicated to Trish — only all the eyes were cut out of the magazine photos plastered on the walls. Mickie then ripped up a Trish photo and vowed to destroy the Women's Champion at WrestleMania. Still Trish shook off the scary sight and won a tag team match alongside Torrie Wilson against Victoria & Candice.

And two more additions to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006 were announced: "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas will be inducted by S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones, while William "Refrigerator" Perry will join Pete Rose in the celebrity wing of the Hall and will be inducted by WWE Champion John Cena.

All the action on RAW set the stage for the most important event of the year: WrestleMania. Don't miss the four-hour sports-entertainment spectacular beginning at its special start time of 7/6 CT on pay-per-view.

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