Irish Whipped

Irish Whipped

LAFAYETTE, La. -- A proud Irishman, Mr. McMahon thought he would have the luck of his ancestors firmly behind him on St. Patrick's Day when he challenged Ric Flair to a Career Threatening Street Fight. Unfortunately for the Chairman, it looked as if his ancestors may have been too busy celebrating to lend a hand.

Mr. McMahon, who had issued a win-or-retire ultimatum to Flair back in November, came up short against his longtime rival Monday night. With his latest victory, the 16-time World Champion has now leapt seven hurdles tossed in his path, including Randy Orton, Umaga, Triple H, William Regal, MVP and Mr. Kennedy, and kept his career alive. His path to a WrestleMania showdown with his friend, the incomparable Shawn Michaels, seems clear. 

It wasn't easy, though. During the battle, Mr. McMahon used a battery of weapons to bloody the "Nature Boy": a garbage can, kendo stick and a metal folding chair. Just when it appeared the Chairman would emerge victorious, HBK distracted the ref before the three-count. And in the end, Flair prevailed after nailing the Chairman in the blarney stones and crashing down on him and putting him through a table.  Video | Photos


Show Business

Big Show stopped by Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel for a chat when things quickly turned ugly. Show challenged the Intercontinental Champion to a title match after equating him with his WrestleMania foe, Floyd "Money" Mayweather. During their match, The World's Largest Athlete made a statement by overpowering the former Undisputed WWE Champion. An enraged Jericho then got disqualified when he smacked Show across the face with his title gold. However, the giant sent Mayweather a message loud and clear by knocking out Y2J with one punch.  Video


Carlito Punk'd

In a sneak peek of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, two of the seven qualifiers, CM Punk and Carlito, offered a glimpse of the fireworks that are sure to ensue. After several near-pinfalls, the Straightedge Superstar finally took out Carlito to capture a slice of momentum heading into Orlando, Fla.


Supreme Being

Umaga showed why GM William Regal chose him to represent Raw during WrestleMania's Battle of Brand Supremacy against SmackDown's representative, Batista. The Samoan Bulldozer showed his dominance by plowing through Paul London & Brian Kendrick after Kendrick seemingly abandoned his partner.


Alternate Ending

Once again, JBL showed why he's not exactly the most respected man on the roster. In an attempt to send a message to his WrestleMania Belfast Brawl foe Finlay, the "wrestling god" chose as an alternate the "next toughest Irishman" on the roster, ECW's poor Colin Delaney, whom JBL proceeded to abuse.  Video | Photos


Hopping Mad

Less than two weeks before their WrestleMania match, BunnyMania partners Maria & Candice Michelle faced off against Jillian Hall & Victoria. As Candice sealed the win for her team, a jealous Santino Marella fumed at ringside. So enraged about Maria's Playboy cover was the Italian that he took a cheap shot at Jerry "The King" Lawler before scampering away.  Video | Photos

Army of Two

Thanks to Triple Threat Takeover rules, Triple H pitted his WrestleMania opponents, John Cena & Randy Orton, against the entire Raw roster. During the match, the two adversaries were forced to work together to eliminate Paul Burchill, Snitsky and Trevor Murdoch among others, before the rest of the roster charged over the ropes, disqualifying themselves and handing Cena & Orton the match. It didn't end there, though. Triple H had his say, too, when he entered the ring and Pedigreed his WrestleMania competition, standing over their spent bodies with a look of satisfaction.  Full StoryVideo | Photos

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