Sneak Attack

It appears that we'll have to wait until WrestleMania to see Triple H tangle with John Cena.

After RAW's huge six-man tag team main event ended in a disqualification, The Champ beckoned "The Game" into the ring for a long-awaited showdown. But before Triple H could engage the WWE Champion, SmackDown's Randy Orton ran through the stands and into the ring for an RKO to Cena. Orton left just as quickly as he arrived, and he left the Cerebral Assassin in a state of surprise. Ultimately, Triple H enjoyed Cena's suffering, but it seems "The Legend Killer" sent an early message with the RAW vs. SmackDown Match at Saturday Night's Main Event only days away.

At Saturday Night's Main Event, it'll be RAW's WrestleMania main event (John Cena & Triple H) facing SmackDown's WrestleMania main event (Kurt Angle, Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio).  But can bitter rivals on both sides co-exist long enough to win the prime-time match on NBC? Watch Saturday Night's Main Event to find out.

In another match with Saturday Night's Main Event implications, Shawn Michaels was left bloodied and defeated despite a heroic effort. The four-on-one Texas Tornado Steel Cage Match pitting HBK against the Spirit Squad was payback for "The Showstopper's" actions earlier on RAW.

When Mr. McMahon tried to force Michaels into a public drug screening, HBK answered back by splashing his own urine all over Mr. and Shane McMahon. The McMahons writhed in disgust and Michaels left smiling, but HBK wouldn't have the last laugh. A furious and grossed-out Mr. McMahon ordered Michaels into the Steel Cage Match against overwhelming odds.

Despite facing four members of the Spirit Squad, Michaels was actually poised for victory late in the match. He tried to escape through the cage door, but Mitch of the Spirit Squad, who wasn't in the match, slammed the door from the outside. HBK saw it coming, though, and forced the door back in Mitch's face. HBK then twisted and hit a lightning-quick superkick on an oncoming Spirit Squad member. But with his back turned, none other than a vengeful Shane McMahon slammed the cage door on the back of HBK's head. Shawn collapsed, and Shane rolled a Squad member atop for the cover. Afterward, Shane twice tossed Michaels face first into the steel mesh, busting him wide open. The Crowned Prince of WWE then called for the cage to be raised so that he could deliver a jaw-dropping Van Terminator from across the ring.

And at Saturday Night's Main Event, it'll be Trish & Mickie James facing Victoria & Candice. It was supposed to be Torrie by Trish's side, but Torrie was found unconscious with Candice's Playboy issue left as a calling card.

In addition, Mr. McMahon revealed that he'll bring back Jim Ross to announce Saturday Night's Main Event just so he can hear J.R. call Shane's victory over Michaels.

Also on RAW, Edge mocked Mick Foley with a series of movie-style trailers, then defeated Goldust with help from Lita. Edge also announced that his talk show, "The Cutting Edge," will return at Saturday Night's Main Event with special guest Mick Foley.

In a big Intercontinental Championship Match, a momma-less Shelton Benjamin narrowly defeated RVD with a rollup after "Mr. Monday Night" made inadvertent contact with Ric Flair, who was at ringside scouting his RAW opponents for WrestleMania's "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match.

In other important news, Triple H & Cena made it official by signing their WrestleMania main event contract … before the situation disintegrated when Kane & Big Show, as well as Carlito & Chris Masters, stormed the ring.

And Verne Gagne was announced as the latest member of the 2006 WWE Hall of Fame Class, to be inducted by his son, Greg. It was also announced that "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase would induct "Sensational" Sherri.

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