Joining the Club

A former member of the Rockers puckered up and join the "Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club" on Monday night, but it wasn't Marty Jannetty, as planned. Instead, an intervening Shawn Michaels was K.O.'d with a steel chair by Shane McMahon, who then forced HBK's face into the "magnificent" rear end of the WWE Chairman.

Michaels was coming to the aid of his former tag-team partner, who after turning down his invitation to join the "Kiss My Ass Club" was cinched in Chris Masters' Master Lock and then forced toward McMahon's derrière. After hitting "Sweet Chin Music" on Masters, Shane came from nowhere to level "The Showstopper."

What happened after that was difficult to watch … and it had huge implications for upcoming WWE spectaculars: Shane grabbed hold of Michaels' face and pushed it lips-first into Mr. McMahon's rump. Mr. McMahon then declared that it'll be Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels in a Street Fight at Saturday Night's Main Event on March 18. Then at WrestleMania 22, it'll be Mr. McMahon himself taking "the Icon" Michaels.

Before that shocking news, Mr. McMahon surprised WWE Champion John Cena and challenger Triple H with another big announcement: At Saturday Night's Main Event, the RAW main-eventers for WrestleMania will battle the SmackDown main-eventers for WrestleMania in a Handicap Tag Team Match. That means at Saturday Night's Main Event, "The Game" and "The Champ" will have to find a way to co-exist and take on the unlikely combination of the World Heavyweight Champion (Kurt Angle or Undertaker), Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton.

After April 2, one Superstar will have the right to challenge the world champion at any time during a 12-month span. That Superstar will be whomever wins the second-ever "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22.

Just last week, many were questioning if Ric Flair would ever get back in the championship picture after losing the Intercontinental Championship to Shelton Benjamin. But what a difference a week makes. At the age of 57, Flair defeated Carlito (with some leverage from the ring ropes) to qualify for the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match. It was an ironic turn of events for Carlito, who personally negotiated the terms of bringing back the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match at this year's WrestleMania. For Carlito, losing his qualifying match to "The Nature Boy" was definitely "not cool."

In RAW's other two "Money in the Bank" qualifiers, Rob Van Dam skied to victory over Trevor Murdoch and Shelton Benjamin defeated Chavo Guerrero after a sudden RKO from SmackDown's Randy Orton.

In other news potentially with WrestleMania implications, Mick Foley first rejected Edge's request for a "wrestling match" on April 2, and instead challenged Edge to a Hardcore Match on the biggest stage of them all. To drive home his point, Foley chased Edge and Lita from the ring with a barbed-wire baseball bat.

In addition, World Tag Team Champions Kane & Big Show dropped the team of Viscera & Val Venis with a double chokeslam to Big Vis.

Also, Women's Champion Trish Stratus beat Candice. After the match, the Playboy cover girl blamed her loss on Torrie — slapping her across the face on Unlimited. Meanwhile, an over-exuberant Mickie James again got a little too close for Trish's comfort, causing Trish to make for the exit.

It was also learned on RAW that "Mean" Gene Okerlund is the third member of the 2006 WWE Hall of Fame induction class. He'll be inducted by none other than the "Immortal" Hulk Hogan, and you can watch the festivities on USA Network on Sat., April 1, at 11 p.m. (ET). 

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