Injury scare won't keep Noble down for long

Injury scare won't keep Noble down for long

NASHVILLE - For Jamie Noble, the agony of defeat at the hands of Mike Knox is thankfully only temporary. The Raw Superstar is recovering from a brutal corkscrew into the mat that left him motionless Monday night on Raw. It had been reported that Noble had no feeling in one of his arms and his hand.

"The Pitbull" was immediately placed on a stretcher by Dr. Chris Amann and WWE's Certified Athletic Trainers and taken via ambulance to a local emergency room in Nashville.

En route to the medical facility, Noble reportedly had begun regaining feeling in all of his limbs. An MRI administered shortly thereafter confirmed the best possible news.

"All of Jamie's tests were negative," Dr. Amann told "I expect him to be sore for the next several days, but I think he will do fine."

The Raw Superstar is in good spirits, and he expects to return to the ring as early as Monday.

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