Triple the Threat, Double the Gauntlet

Triple the Threat, Double the Gauntlet

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Take heed, WWE Champion Randy Orton and John Cena. The King of Kings, Triple H, wants to return to his throne at WrestleMania, and he doesn't care who he has to destroy in his path back to the top.

The Game didn't look too happy when Raw GM William Regal set up a match between Cena and Orton tonight and made him the guest referee. Based on Orton's intentional disqualification in his match against Cena at No Way Out, Regal decided to give him another chance to be in the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania XXIV. All he had to do was beat Orton in a non-title match.  PHOTOS

As much as Triple H may respect Cena, this didn't exactly sit well with him. He had earned the privilege of headlining WrestleMania by defeating five other Superstars in the Elimination Chamber just last night. As despicable as Orton's actions were, in The Game's mind, Cena had had his chance. It was now time for Triple H to get the opportunity to defeat Orton on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Some observers wondered how Triple H would officiate. Did he really want to have to worry about both Cena and Orton in his quest to claim the WWE Championship? Did he want to statistically decrease his chances of victory by adding another opponent to the mix?

And make no mistake about it: Although Triple H respects Cena, they're not bosom buddies. They are rivals who want the same thing and have previously waged war over the WWE Title. Triple H has never forgotten how Cena made him tap out to a stunned, sold-out crowd when he challenged for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 22.

All these questions followed The Game as he donned the referee's stripes and watched Cena and Orton tear into each other. As with all their previous matches, Orton and Cena had a seesaw battle. But ultimately, Cena caught and flattened the WWE Champion with an FU and Triple H made the fateful three-count that turned the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania into a three-way affair. (Read the WrestleMania Match Preview)

But Cena didn't have time to celebrate. The Cerebral Assassin immediately struck him down with a Pedigree and then gave Orton a dose of the same painful medicine. PHOTOS | WATCH

With both his WrestleMania opponents face-down, Triple H looked out at the faithful at the Honda Center and roared. As the rafters rattled, our fans knew The King of Kings had laid down the gauntlet. It didn't matter if it was just Orton or both Cena and Orton, Triple H is coming to WrestleMania XXIV to take back his crown.

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