Bulldozed Dream

Bulldozed Dream

It should have been a banner night for both “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Instead, Umaga made sure it was a night both men will never forget for a more negative reason.

In his hometown of Portland, Ore., Piper made his first Raw appearance since being diagnosed with cancer in November. The “Rowdy Scot” received a thunderous ovation, one that only got louder when he said he was glad to be home. He thanked the fans for their support during his battle with cancer, and then introduced the first member of the WWE Hall of Fame Class for 2007: Dusty Rhodes.

Rhodes also received a thunderous ovation, but before he could say much of anything, the Samoan Bulldozer made his presence felt. The savage stared down Piper and Rhodes before the “American Dream” once again wowed the crowd by lacing into Umaga. Unfortunately, one thrust to the throat was enough to stop Dusty’s clubberin’ spree, and the Samoan Bulldozer inflicted further damage by squashing Rhodes' battle-scarred head into the turnbuckles with a vicious running assault.

Piper returned with a steel chair as an equalizer, but even that couldn’t stop Umaga. The Samoan Bulldozer shrugged off the Hall of Famer’s attack, clobbering him with a vicious throat thrust. Both Piper and Rhodes were then on the receiving end of devastating Samoan Spikes, leaving the two Legends gasping for breath on the mat as Umaga bellowed above them.

In what may have been an ultimate act of disrespect, Umaga rained on both men’s parades by leaving them lying in the middle of the ring. 

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